You Are Enough Just As You Are

You Are Enough Just As You Are

Folks, allow me to introduce Stella Bida, our inspirational person of the month of October. We never met in person but developed a lovely relationship over the months. That is the beauty of internet : One gets to connect with people from all walks of life, irrespective of their geographical location. She is determined to make her mark and is a resourceful young African woman who has a story to tell and so much to share. Enjoy your reading and as you do, keep in mind the following beautiful statement that kept Stella going :

You Are Enough Just As You Are”

Eva Arissani : Stella, you are originally from the Central African Republic, permanently residing in Belgium. Tell us a bit about your journey from Central Africa to Belgium.

Stella Bida: I am originally from the Central African Republic, but I always lived abroad. I was born in Cameroon, and that is where I spent a great part of my childhood. Then, with my parents we moved to the US for a few years, before coming back to Cameroon. I finished high school there and it is also where I started my first years of IT engineering. I finished my engineering studies in Paris, before starting my career in Brussels, in a leading Technology and Consultancy company. I have been living in Belgium for over 10 years.

Eva Arissani : you are a Strategic Business Consultant, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, an International Speaker, and so much more… please tell us more about your multifaceted career. How did it start? What are you selling?

Stella Bida: When I started my career as a consultant for major corporates in industries such as Banking, Financial or Legal services, I was an employee. After 4 years, I decided to create my own consultancy company. But 2 years ago, I started asking myself questions about the way I wanted to serve people and not just work with big corporations. This is how I started speaking and helping entrepreneurs with business strategies, showing them how to start and grow their business, by enhancing their business credibility and branding. Credibility is crucial in business for entrepreneurs, to attract the opportunities they want. That is where I come in.

Eva Arissani : What is the defining moment in your life that led you to this day?

Stella Bida : The defining moment was a moment of pain. That was the triggering moment. I was basically used to asking permission for everything, even when it came to my own success and desire for growth. Not everyone was supportive of my wishes and that is how I killed many of my dreams.

That was until one day, I realized that my health and productivity were getting affected, as a consequence of not living a fulfilling life. I basically felt lost.

Today I am thankful that my health and my body set off alarm bells, otherwise I would certainly still be hiding my head in the sand and throwing away my dreams because of people’s opinions. I wanted to get out of the “template” path. I then took one decision. One decision that defined all the actions that followed.

Eva Arissani : What has been your biggest challenge ?

Stella Bida: The biggest challenge has certainly been when I started asking myself questions about myself. I had no choice than to find a solution to fulfill my desire for success. I knew that knowing myself was the ultimate step.

I think discovering oneself can be one of the most challenging experiences of a lifetime. I needed to humble myself, break the status quo of my life, create discomfort, and learn to spend moments with myself. Not simply in being alone, but more in creating a silence which would allow me to truly discover who I am, and to welcome the anger, anxiety and insecurities from my past. All these emotions had to get out in order for me to move my life forward. A “NEWMOI” needed to be born.

Eva Arissani : What or who keeps you motivated ?

Stella Bida: I often think about time and the few years we have available to make a difference.I am motivated when I see the successes and transformations that the people I work with and meet, experience from day 1, week 1 or year 1. What keeps me going is actually the fact that time is limited. I would love to have time to witness more successes and transformations! This keeps me going. I am motivated and curious to see what greatness looks like when I invest myself 100%. It is also about keeping the promise I made to myself to inspire others with my daily actions. I know how much role models have been important for me in my growth, and how much they have inspired me.

Eva Arissani : You are determined to make a significant difference in people’s lives. Am I right to say that this is your life purpose ?  How did you find your life purpose?

Stella Bida: Yes, for sure, my life purpose is oriented towards others. I got to know that in the process of discovering myself. But the moment of clarity only came a few years ago, when one of my coaches asked me to do an exercise. The exercise consisted in writing down how I wanted to be remembered. More precisely, if I was no longer from this world and somebody was reading about my life, what would I want people to say.

I realized that all I wanted people to talk about was the impact I made in other people’s lives, what I had transformed during my living. My only worry was to know: “Did I help at least 1 person, by making his or her life easier and much more enjoyable?”. I think this must be the most beautiful feeling – to know for certain that you managed to have a positive impact in one life, if not more.

Eva Arissani : What is your philosophy of life ?

Stella Bida: For so many years, I asked for validation to go towards the success I desired, I would ask permission for everything and many told me that I did not deserve it. That is when I stopped dreaming. Now, I just want to live according to the philosophy which says that “When it comes to success, everybody deserves it”. No permission or validation needed. The only permission and validation I take now are the ones stemming from my intention and intuition.

Eva Arissani : Any upcoming projects?

Stella Bida: Over the past 2 years, I have traveled across 12 countries and spoken to +10,000 people. My aim today is to reach and meet as many people online. I love how easy it is today to meet people from multiple countries, without having to travel. This is just a great leverage to my initial goal which is to help and serve a maximum of people.

I am working on scaling my Business Strategising services to entrepreneurs online, so that more of them can help others through what they have to offer.

Eva Arissani : Any advice for the viewers of who would like to become a Speaker or an Entrepreneur?

Stella Bida: Just start with what you have. Don’t wait. With your voice, your story and the value you bring to others, you can be an entrepreneur, a speaker or anything you want. As a Speaker, you are a facilitator, and you make messages easier for people to understand. As an Entrepreneur, you serve and help people by making their lives easier. If the readers think of being a Speaker or an Entrepreneur, they can already be proud of themselves because somehow, they are there to make a significant impact and transform people for the best.

My entrepreneurial journey has shown me that from the moment we think about an idea, we are “already ready”. That is the moment when we just need to act, one action at a time. Whatever you want to become, you have the keys.

Eva Arissani : Your favorite quote?

Stella Bida: I have different quotes depending on the seasons of my life. But there is a pillar quote that I have carried for months, which is a combination of others, which have deeply helped me. “You are enough just as you are, today”. It is a very important one that I wished I had known earlier. I think that it will make things easier for everyone and that more visions and dreams will come true. If I had never stopped for a moment to reflect on that quote and if I had not given it some thought, I would never have realized all I did so far and I would never have dared to meet others just as I am.

This quote taught me to love myself, just as I would love others. Even if said in other words, I always take the opportunity to tell the people that I meet or work with that they can start today (not tomorrow), as they are, because who they are is already enough.

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Good people, how are you feeling? Don’t you think Stella is an inspiring woman entrepreneur! It is refreshing to see a young woman chasing her dreams. She is proof that our dreams are within reach. You, too can head in the direction of your choice, why? Because You Are Enough Just as You Are. Thank you for your time.

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