Who is pulling your strings?


This is your Inspirational Monday message. Who is pulling your strings ? You or others ? I think that most of us have been influenced by a great deal of sources from a young age. School is a major influencer. Work environment is another influencer. Parents are of course strong influencers. Friends are also strong influencers as well as society as our main desire is to fit in and be accepted by others, to fit in the work framework, to look acceptable and to be appreciated. The list of influencers could go on. But I think that the ones above-mentioned are already a good indication of the type of sources we draw most of our ideas, thoughts and aspirations from.

My questions are the following : Who is pulling your strings ? Are you really you or are you the product of all the influencers in your life ?

I am not saying that being influenced is a bad thing, on the contrary, it could be very positive to be motivated by others and to improve ourselves in the process. However, it could be detrimental if one lives his/ her life to please others or if one spends his/her life worrying about what others will say or think about how he/she is dressed today, what he/she said, what he/she did or what he/she loves. If one is too scared to express his/her real opinion, express his/her choices and be himself/herself for fear of rejection, this could have dire consequences in one’s spiritual growth.

I believe that God gave us free will to make choices and take decisions in our life. This is a huge responsibility. Every day of our life we take decisions and make choices, no matter how small those are. For each one of us to pull our own strings, I believe that we need to be aware of all the influences in our life and to willingly and consciously make the effort to process all the influences and to produce our own true self. I am not saying that we should not please others. We can please others but only if we do it with the purpose of making them happy without having to alienate ourself. You need to come up with your true you, your own set of values for you to grow as a spiritual being.

This week, think about who is really pulling your strings in your life. When you are in control of your life, you accept criticism with a smile, you reject what is imposed to you and that does not abide by your own rules, values and way of thinking, you are not scared to show who you really are and you are not scared to be alone because you are different. However, please keep in mind that we live in a society.

Give your true self more credit and stop worrying about what others will say. People will always keep on criticizing others. You are unique. You are YOU. You need to cultivate your ‘Moi’ and you can only grow from this.

I wish you a great week!

Arissani Eva, Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you and live an extraordinary life (Available on Amazon.com). Motivational/ Inspirational Speaker. Facilitator


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