The Power Of Words

The Power Of Words

Did you say ‘I am stressed’, ‘I am swamped’, ‘I am overwhelmed’, ‘I am anxious’? Be careful what you say. Words have a power and before you know it, you will be prophesying these things in your life. The more you mention those words, the more powerful they become and the more they become your reality. Are you working for a company, as an entrepreneur or as a full-time caregiver? Whatever you do, you must be facing challenges and these challenges can push you over the edge if not carefully dealt with. Too often we tend to complain and focus on what is not working, instead of focusing on what is working.  Here are 5 ways that could help you change your perspective on some of the challenges we are confronted with :

  1. Self-questioning : Ask yourself the right questions. If it is stress-related : “Am I stressed or am I eager to succeed at work?”. The intention here is to remove the emphasis on ‘stress’ and rather put it on ‘what we want to achieve’. In the process, ask yourself ‘how’ will you manage to achieve what you want and look for people or ways to reach your goal.
  2. Self-realization : You are in a position where you can provide for your family. You are in a position where you can make a living. Yes, it comes with challenges but you are blessed beyond measure. You need to look at things in a different light, through different lenses. The goal is to see all you have as blessings and opportunities for self-growth.
  3. Spiritual alignment : If you are working and making a living, it means that in a way you have been touched by an angel. Some people would happily accept what you have. You must stay aligned with God if you want to attract more blessings. If you focus on all the challenges rather than on the blessings, you will lose what you have and stop the flow of abundance coming your way. Tell yourself : “My blessings come with challenges but I know that He will never give me more than I can chew.”
  4. Prophesying : Be careful what you speak into existence. Tell yourself :”I am doing extremely well although challenged but I know that I will manage to overcome all my challenges“. Call only the things you want to see in your life into existence. Do not curse yourself.
  5. Self-awareness : Be aware of the power of words, therefore choose your words carefully. Consciously choose words such as ‘eager, challenged, dared to, blessed beyond measure, enabled, empowered, given an opportunity to prove myself, etc’ over words such as ‘ stressed, overwhelmed, swamped, exhausted, anxious’.

Turn your tongue seven times before speaking. This way you’ll have time to think if you ought to say the things you want to say.’ Vaddey Ratner

We all need to rethink our use of words. If we want to attract the things we want to see in our lives, we need to choose carefully what we say. I challenge you today to LISTEN to what you say and do an introspection. Too often we say exactly the opposite of what makes us happy and without realizing we call negative things into existence. There is your chance to harness the power of words and to improve your life. Grab it and make it work.

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