Take action everyday!

Take action everyday.

Take action now

Take action now

The number one challenge that people face in the pursuit of success is not the external obstacles; it is excuses!

According to a recent study conducted by Entrepreneur Inc. on a group of 150 people, 54% of the persons interviewed had a fairly decent idea of how to get out of their currently bad circumstances. 20% were able to come up with the exact solutions to their problems themselves and only 26% were absolutely clueless about what to do to get our of their currently bad situation.
Of the 20% who knew exactly what to do, only 0.58% actually took action and did it.
This proves that knowledge alone is not the key to success. If that was the case, 80 to 90% of the planet would be successful, given the vast availability of knowledge in modern media (i.e. Internet,

social media etc.). All people would need to do is google the solutions to their problems. But reality suggests otherwise: Even when they know the answer to their question, people don’t take the necessary action or steps to implement it.

Knowledge is a necessary, but not a sufficient criterion for success. It needs to be coupled with action in order for one to see the positive change they are after.

We’re not talking about a once-off action here; it has to be repetitive, consistant, committed and full-steam action. If your goal is to build a better body, going to gym once in a while won’t cut it. You have to keep at it and give it your best each time!  They say, you need to do something repeatedly for at least 6 months before it becomes a habit.

Make it your goal to educate yourself on personal development and commit yourself to applying the knowledge that you’ve learned on a regular basis. That’s the only way to reach your goals.

Stop making excuses, start now! You’ve wasted enough time.

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