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Author of the recently published motivational and inspiring book: New Moi New Life: Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, Eva Arissani is a dynamic inspirational who has made it her mission to motivate and inspire young women in Africa and the world. She is also a seasoned business speaker who offers unique insights on the importance of foreign languages in business expansion.


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Who is Eva Arissani

Eva Arissani is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, a Business Speaker, an expert in languages and a women empowerment coach.

A highly trained personal development and public speaking enthusiast, Eva was trained by the very best in the industry,  Les Brown, before kick-starting her own career as a speaker in South Africa. She is the founder of newmoi.org, a motivational and personal development blog which was nominated amongst the top spiritual/religious blogs in South Africa in 2015.

“With faith and self-determination, you can achieve anything in life”.

 Motivational speaker

Author of the recently published motivational and inspiring book: New Moi New Life: Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life

Eva’s book offers unique insights and encouragements that help people change their inner conversations, daily routines and hence improve their lives. She gives them the fuel to become who they really want to be. The book is the product of a quest that she embarked on years ago. As she continues her journey towards a better “Moi” (French for self), she shares  her experiences, lessons, failures, tips and success tools  in the hope of helping and inspiring many of you who have embarked in a similar journey. There is no journey more exciting that the journey towards self-discovery and personal development and she has  made it her mission to share that excitement with the rest of the world.

“In Genesis, it is said that God created mankind in his image. Through Him, mankind is an extraordinary being that can with the powerful gift of faith move mountains. With that faith we can tap into our inner potential and make things happen; we can empower ourselves and others; we can make a positive difference in our home and in the world. When faced with setbacks, trying moments devastating us, we can overcome them and realize our true potential. In this new book, New Moi New Life: 5 ways to build a New YOU and Live an EXTRAORDINARY Life, I provide practical steps, activities and encouragement for creating a motivated and inspired life. This book will help you unleash your true ‘Moi’ so that you feel empowered to chase your dreams and fulfil your goals, to be more self-confident and be a better communicator. My uplifting message focuses on bridging the gap by:

  • Knowing that you have greatness within you
  • Changing the inner conversations: Be more positive
  • Changing daily routine
  • Communicating in an effective ways
  • Having faith in yourself – Get to Know yourself and Invest in yourself”

Inspirational Speaker

Having suffered the hardships of being a teenage mother and years later being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, Eva has found herself several times at the crossroad of her life. She shares the tools, techniques and methods that she has used to rise back up every time she has found herself down.

I was a teenage mother with barely enough money to continue my secondary school, feed my baby and myself and survive; not to mention the stigma that I had to endure from friends and family.

Today she is a Published Author, a Keynote Speaker, a Certified Language Practitioner and an Expert in DELF/DALF Training, a Corporate Language trainer, a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and a happily married woman.

In her life-changing keynote speech “Against the odds“, Eva teaches women – especially teenagers – the infallible principles that have helped rise above the adversity and challenges of her past to become the person she is today.

I have to speak because I was blessed with a powerful story to tell.

“We all have a past but how it influences our present and future is up to us”

Business speaker

“If you talk to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” – Nelson Mandela

One of the key changes in today’s global business landscape has been the increasing importance of language and culture in business. Africa, amongst other emerging economies present new opportunities for businesses’ expansions, but it also comes with its fair load of challenges amongst which language and culture. A clear and well-crafted language strategy has become an essential ingredient in areas such as customer service, business development, sales and marketing; to such an extent that the existence or absence of it can be a determining factor in the success or failure of a company.

Eva has been working in the language and communication field for over than 10 years. She has animated a wide range of seminars and workshops all aimed at empowering individuals and corporations with language/communication skills. She is a Foreign Language training Guru.

She holds a Honor’s Degree in Translation, Interpretation, English and French from University of Pretoria and a higher certificate as DELF /DALF (a French International Language Examination equivalent to TOEFL for English) Expert Trainer accredited to the French Ministry of Education.

As a DELF/DALF trainers’ trainer, she has over the past 6 years organized several workshops of which one that gathered Eastern Africa language practitioners and has helped about 50 trainers acquire their DELF/ DALF examiners certification.


What People Are Saying About Eva

“ Ma chère Eva, j’ai bien apprécié ton livre, well done! Such a fresh and inspiring approach… you must keep on writing”
Astrid K.
French Learner
“Ton livre m’encourage à persévérer davantage pour atteindre mes objectifs et faire de mes rêves une réalité. Eva’s book gives me the courage to believe in my dream. Eva is so inspiring; it is a pleasure to have her on board and to organize workshops with her. We share common interests about women empowerment, education and personal development”
Martine N. Mwa-Mwembie
"I have listened to many motivational speakers hired by the company but after a few days I would go back to my old self. After listening to Eva, I felt deeply touched and born again. She made me think and I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to listen to her. She really inspired me to keep on moving forward."
Kevin Talbot
Old Mutual
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Areas of expertise

Corporate training
- French for business - French for call center agents - French for french trainers
Business keynote speaking
- Languages and successful business expansion - Successful localization - Developing a strong corporate language strategy
Women and Youth Empowerment
- Intensive inspirational and motivational talks targeted at women and the youth - Teenage mothers motivational talks - Values, principles and tools to develop confident and successful women

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