Self-Love is a Key to a Balanced Life

Self-Love is a Key to a Balanced LifeLove your neighbor as yourself”. Need I say more ? Do you LOVE what you see in the mirror every single morning ? Do you LOVE yourself ? It sounds like a silly question. But it is not. As a matter of fact, it is a deep question that everyone should ponder on. Self-Love is a Key to a Balanced Life. I know that now. Before I met my husband about 18 years ago, I was a mess. I was a shadow of myself. I hated myself for having had a child at such a young age and I developed many complexes about not being good at math, about not being beautiful enough, about not deserving love, among other things. As I write this article today, I am my number one fan and I praise God every single day for the achieved, smart, elegant, lovable, passionate (and the list goes on.. LOL)..achieved woman, I am today. I have come across so many people who admitted not loving themselves that I decided to write an article about it. I believe that it is a crucial topic to tackle considering the implications of the absence of self-love in one’s life. Over the years I have realized that Self-Love is a Key to a Balanced Life. It is one of the secrets to my success. In this article, I share 6 reasons why I know for a fact that Self-Love is the foundation of a healthy, successful, happy and prosperous life.

Here are 6 reasons I believe that a balanced life starts with self-love:

  1. Self-worth / self-esteem : You will notice that anybody who lacks self-worth or self-esteem will not dare in life. However one cannot develop self-worth or self-esteem if he/she does not love himself/herself. Every successful entrepreneur knows that success comes largely from daring to be unique. Daring is not something that comes easily and naturally, it is something that is nurtured and which requires a strong foundation and it starts with self-love.
  2. High quality interactions : How can one maintain high quality interactions, either at home or at work if he/she does not even love himself/ herself? To appreciate others, one needs to appreciate himself/herself first.
  3. Doubting : Doubt thrives the best when one keeps on cross examining what others think about him/her, when one ignores his/her instinct and does not give way to his/her true self, when one wrongly acknowledges the negative thoughts that put forward all the complexes one develops about himself/herself.
  4. Avoid conflict to avoid problems : Too often, complaints are not directed to the right person. Why? To avoid problems. So basically, one wants to avoid confronting others but forget about his/her own self. Avoiding a confrontation is not solving anything. On the contrary. The problem is one day, one will get to experience the straw that broke the camel’s back and might say or do something he/she will regret. This is another consequence of the lack of self-love. If one loves oneself enough, he/she will confront the right person and deal with the matter at hand once and for all.
  5. True love : How can one experience true love if he/she does not even love himself or herself? Call me naive but I strongly believe that true love starts with loving oneself. It is only when one has experienced a true and indefinite love for himself/herself that he/she can freely be open to love.
  6. Be a victim : As long as one gives too much importance to what others think, do or say and as long as one does not fulfill his/her role as a guardian to his/her temple, he/she will always be hurt. This is as a result of a lack of self-love.

My questions to you are as follows : Do you love yourself enough to protect your body from external negative forces ? Do you love yourself enough to stand up for yourself and stand your grounds ? Do you love yourself enough to chase your dreams and take the necessary steps to live an exciting life ? Do you love yourself enough to accept love in your life? Self-Love is a Key to a Balanced Life.

Ask yourself those questions and give yourself a chance. Love yourself because if you do not, others will not love you back. I love myself to bits and in the process, I do everything in my power to protect myself. I workout, I laugh, I love passionately, I listen to my instinct, I praise and thank God every single day, I strive to always be positive, I give my life a purpose, I am of service to others and as a result, I have love, happiness, success, and everything I can think of…Do you ? It took me some time to come to that realization but I am so happy I got to this point. Love yourself. It is the starting point. I will never repeat it enough:

Self-Love is a Key to a Balanced Life – Eva Arissani

Lovingly Yours,

Eva Arissani, Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, Inspirational/ Motivational/Business Speaker, Blogger, Founder of runner up as best religious/spiritual blog in 2015, Founder of She Phoenix, Femme Phoenix (SPFP) NPO, Women’s & Girl’s Empowerment Champion, Brand Greatness Engineer and Ambassador to South Africa – Mireille Toulekima Global, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Translation Expert, FLE Expert, Facilitator, French Voice Over Artist.

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