An inspirational message about visualization


It is often said that words are powerful. I do believe in their power. Words can either create, heal or break. “In the beginning was the Word”. But I also believe in the power of visualization. Visualization is the mental images that we make of something. As Harvey Mackay eloquently said, ” […] visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals”. Have you visualized your 2016? This inspirational message about visualization aims to facilitate your way to an effective visualization process. Here are five steps that I follow:

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Happy New You, Happy New Year


Happy New You, Happy New Year

Here we are, it’s New Year’s Eve. A year is about to end and another one is about to start. I don’t know about you, but for me, this year has been a roller coaster with milestone moments in my life and crushing blows. What a year it has been! I believe that every experience, good or bad, are part of the processof spiritual growth. I thank God for my experiences as they help me grow spiritually.

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Broaden your comfort zone

broaden your comfort zone. Inspirational

The proverbial comfort zone – that space where we feel completely at ease, comfortable, powerful and confident. In it, we are the masters of the universe (or rather of our universe), everything is the way we like it to be; except for one small thing: for many, the universe or the comfort zone is rather small; quite tiny in fact, compared to the opportunities that lie beyond its borders. And because the world beyond the comfort zone is scary, many choose safety and comfort over more opportunities for success. It is after all the big unknown, which explains the feelings of discomfort, stress and malaise that we feel as soon as we make one step out of the comfort zone.

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Inspirational message about Faith


Can one talk of personal development without including faith? What is faith? I believe that it is one of these concepts that are very subjective and therefore difficult to define. However, I trust that everyone needs to have faith in something to keep on moving forward. I rely on God and on the capacities He gave each one of us to make it in life. This is an inspirational message about Faith and personal development.

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Inspirational message on communication


What an amazing feeling to wake up to see another Monday, the dawn of another week, the beginning of something new for some and the continuation of something that was already started for others. This is an opportunity to take a step forward and move closer towards your objectives.This inspirational message on communication will jump start your week.

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Motivational message about your goals

Choose how you react

This is a motivational message about your goals. How far are you to achieving your goals for 2015 ? October is about to end and November is approaching quite fast with its opportunities, challenges and surprises. This is a new day, a new week, a new opportunity to step forward and walk towards your goals. What are you going to do this week that will bring you closer to your goals ?

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Motivational message about life

Extraordinary being

This is a motivational message about life that aims at encouraging you in your path towards a brighter future. I remember a quote Les Brown mentioned in one of the presentations I attended and it stroke me. That quote motivates me to keep on moving forward. When life happens sometimes we fall. The most important thing is to stand right back up whatever the circumstances. I thought I should share this with you :

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