Can you overcome your limiting beliefs?


“When you face discouragement, you can do one of two things, and the one you choose will color your perspective. You can look at others to place the blame or you can look at yourself to discover your opportunities. The choice is yours. John C. Maxwell. Your opportunites could be underneath your limiting beliefs. Can you overcome your limiting beliefs ?

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10 reasons to pray

1454267261528I love Lynda Field’s inspirational quote. “You are the only one who can make it happen for you(…)”. This can be done through prayer among other things. Prayer is an important element of my spiritual growth and without it, I don’t think I would manage to cope with life’s trials and tribulations. In this article, I want to share with you an extraordinary thing that happened to me following an intimate dialogue with God and 10 reasons to pray.

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What is your spiritual gift ?


What is your spiritual gift? What is your calling? What is your talent? Turn your talent into an entrepreneurial opportunity. If you are talented, knowledgeable and skilled in a specific field, it may serve you well to start a new business venture. I truly believe that when one individual finds his/her calling, he/she is on the right path to living a successful life. By successful, I do not just mean the finacial aspect of one’s life, I refer to most areas of one’s life as I believe that all the aspects of our lives are interlinked.

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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed


Every day, we get to experience stressful moments that can either break us or make us stronger. Stress is everywhere at home with the household, the kids, etc; at work with our projects; in our daily encounters with clients;  in our families where there are very often ups and downs, quarrels and reconciliations; etc. We are faced to so many stressful factors, it can happen that one may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

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Inspirational weight loss journey

Delores Curtis Inspirational weight loss journeyI don’t know about you but I am inspired by people around me. I just love reading or listening to people’s stories about how they dealt with certain setbacks in their life or how they are overcoming a major crisis in their daily life. I met a lovely lady, Delores Curtis, who at her heaviest, weighed over 350 pounds. I found her story so inspirational and motivational for people who are trying and struggling to lose weight that I decided to choose her as the inspirational person of the month and publish an article about her Inspirational weight loss journey. She opened up her heart to us and accepted with a lot of enthusiasm to share her weight loss journey with us.

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Who is pulling your strings?


This is your Inspirational Monday message. Who is pulling your strings ? You or others ? I think that most of us have been influenced by a great deal of sources from a young age. School is a major influencer. Work environment is another influencer. Parents are of course strong influencers. Friends are also strong influencers as well as society as our main desire is to fit in and be accepted by others, to fit in the work framework, to look acceptable and to be appreciated. The list of influencers could go on. But I think that the ones above-mentioned are already a good indication of the type of sources we draw most of our ideas, thoughts and aspirations from.

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Inspirational message about inner peace


Do you often go through a situation where you are unsure, where you are scared, where you are uncertain, where you are worried sick about something or someone and your mind is in complete turmoil? I believe that it happens to most of us. Worrying sick about problems made me so sick a few years ago that I had to undergo an emergency thyroid surgery. That’s when I realized that it was wrong. Over time, I have come to understand that worrying sick does not make any difference to any situation, on the contrary, it can make things worst for the person who is getting worried. Allow me to share a little story with you to illustrate my point :

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