My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge

Challenges can break us or make us. It all comes down to how we perceive them and how we take on challenges when they show up. My question to you : How do challenges affect you? It is an important question as it will make you assess your behaviour as a whole and take you one step further towards living a balanced life. In this very practical article, I will share with you My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge. Why? I noticed that too many people fall into the trap of giving in to challenges. It is a dangerous pattern which will drive you to a physical, mental and spiritual downfall. As a change agent, motivational and inspirational soul, I thought interesting to discuss this issue.

I will not beat around the bush. Here is My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge:

  1. I acknowledge the challenge or the problem, it does not matter how you name it. It is crucial to take time to realize that there is a problem. It does not help to bury your head in the sand. Ignoring the problem will not solve it. On the contrary, it will make things worse, it can affect your health and the people around you. If others do not want to face problems head-on, do it.
  2. I reprogram my mindset and set up a paradigm. Let us be honest, our first reaction when facing a challenge or a problem is one of shock, fear and reject. We have to consciously make the switch and willingly decide to reprogram our thoughts and concepts about the situation at hand and most importantly to convince ourselves that we are capable of tackling the challenge and that it is part of a lifelong learning process.
  3. I am very spiritual and hence praying is part of my daily routine. When confronted to a problem, I talk to God. I confide in Him, I share my feelings and my fears with Him and I ask Him for help. I ask Him to intervene and to guide me in the process, knowing that I will take action accordingly to solve the problem. I talk to my alter ego, my other half, who? My hubby, of course. I discuss the whole thing with him and thereafter, I immediately feel reassured because I know that I am able to face the challenge head-on. Have what Les Brown calls OQP (Only quality people) and confide in them, talk to them, ask them for advice. While browsing on Facebook, a lady from Female Wave of Change, made a powerful contribution to one of my posts and I never forgot it because it was simply on point. She quoted a saying by John Donne : ” No Man is an island”, in other words, no human being is an island. Powerful, isn’t? We need to surround ourselves with the right people and work together as a team. Together we are stronger.
  4. I look for solutions. People too often spend more time looking at the problem and complaining about it rather than looking for a solution to overcome the problem or the challenge. Guess what, that attitude will make you miss opportunities. Time for brainstorming.The minute you start thinking about solutions to your problem, you will start feeling better mentally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. You will start sending the right signals and will get on the right frequency that will eventually lead you to the key person, the key institution, the idea to solve the problem at hand.
  5. I take action and I get any unwanted emotions / thoughts under control. It is not an easy step as it requires you to be fully aware of your thoughts, the circumstances around you and of your feelings.

I truly hope that My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge Challenge helps you face problems head-on. I would like to hear from you. Let us elevate one another. Feel free to share this article and tell us how you handle challenges when they show up. Somewhere, someone needs to read this.


Eva Arissani

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