Motivational Monday: Begin the day with gratitude

Monday motivational quote


In today’s motivational quote we discuss the importance of starting your day well.

Generally speaking, everything in life follows a three-stage cycle: The beginning, the middle/peak and the end. The beginning is the catalytic moment; this is where life is breathed into the cycle and it is also the impulse that will give it its momentum. The middle is the development or maturity phase. That’s when the cycle reaches its highest point. Finally, the end is the necessary transformation phase, from which another cycle will be born.

In practical terms, this means that how you start your day has a critical influence on how you’ll spend it and how you’ll end it. If you start the day with negative thoughts, you will breathe negativity into your day cycle and most likely have a bad day.  On the other end, if you start it on a positive note, it will set you on a positive mindset and attract positivity to you throughout the day.   This is why it is important to pay attention to the thoughts you have, the words you say and the behaviour you have in the morning.  Granted, sometimes the day does not start how we would have loved it to, either because of the car that won’t start, our clothes that get stained by coffee or someone who pushes our buttons. Whatever it is, the good news is that the event does not get to determine how the rest of our day is going to be, we do. It is not about what happened, but how we decide to react to it. Yes, how we decide (and we do decide) to react to any of these events is up to us and shall set the tone for the rest of our day.

One way of preparing yourself against any possible mishap in the morning is to put yourself in the right frame of mind.  I use gratitude for that.  I start my day by thanking God for having given me another day to live and I pledge to make the most of it. We have become so complacent about going to bed in the evening and wakening in the morning that we don’t even realized that everyday across the world someone loses a father, a mother, a child, a sister or brother. We complain about having to go to work on Monday, while at the same moment someone somewhere is praying for an opportunity to do anything, just to be able to earn a living and feed their family; we get angry about the car not starting when some children have to walk tens of miles everyday in order to get to school.

Gratitude allows me to appreciate the new day for what it truly is – an opportunity to accomplish more and grow further. That immediately puts me a positive mindset and a great mood, which in turn makes potentially mood-spoiling occurrences look like laughable jokes throughout the day.

Great music, a motivational quote, a good book, talking to someone etc. whatever puts you in a great mood in the morning, do it and start your day on a positive note.



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