Knowledge Your New Currency

Knowledge Your New Currency. With all the changes that take place in our economies, I believe that society’s paradigm of  the “meaning of knowledge” slightly shifted.

The Macmillan dictionary defines Knowledge as “all the facts that someone knows about a particular subject” and it further defines it as “all the facts that are known about different things or about life generally” ( I could not agree more and I would go further than that. In French, knowledge is translated as connaissance. In French, connaissance could be understood as being born with (co + naissance), the French word naissance meaning birth in English. Acquiring knowledge would therefore mean being born again. That is powerful, don’t you think? This inspirational article about Knowledge Your New Currency strives to help you see each new experience as a new step in the ladder of life which ultimately allows you to have stickability.

Every new experience, good or bad, equals to reaching a new level in life” Eva Arissani

Allow me to share 2 experiences that gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge :

1. Experience 1 : Les Brown’s Seminar ‘Communicating your way through greatness’

Communication occupies such an important place in our lives, my husband and I decided to invest in ourselves and registered to take part in a 3-day seminar organised by Les Brown. Can you imagine what it feels like to be surrounded by incredible and powerful people such as Les Brown the Top 5 World speakers, Paul Naidoo a very talented and accomplished South African motivational speaker or Bert Jukes the Managing Director of Little Bigshot, to name but a few? It was out of this world. I remember how we felt as we entered the room. Les Brown was at the door greeting each and every one of the guests with a huge and friendly hug. My husband blurted out “That hug alone was worth every single penny we spent to attend that seminar.” LOL, he is so precious. I love him to bits…

Listening to those motivational speakers was a healing process. I could feel my thirst being quenched. During that seminar, they not only gave us tips on how to develop our communication skills, they also helped us leave any baggage behind and leave space for our new ‘us’. Les Brown and his team showed us the importance of our power voice. They said the following:

When you discover your power voice, you can align yourself with your true purpose. You live your life following your passion, with a strong sense of optimism, knowing that hard work is necessary to develop renewable sources of energy to sustain you within the various relationships of your life, especially during times of challenge and difficulty.”

Was that experience worth it ? Definitely. To date, I am still applying the knowledge acquired during that seminar and it makes a huge difference in the way I interact with my clients and in the way I live my life as a Woman Entrepreneur. Knowledge Your New Currency.

2. Experience 2 : Getting a sponsor for the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshop that Mireille Toulekima Global Leadership Organization South Africa Chapter is organizing

By now, if you follow me, you should know that I am the Regional Director of the organization. Let me tell you this, every single step forward is a discovery. Last week, I went to visit a venue with my best friend / business partner, Christine, and we had a moment of doubt. We had to travel all the way from Pretoria to Melville, where the venue is located and we were not even sure if the owner would be interested in sponsoring the event. She had not replied to our email and we did not know how to interpret her silence. We almost decided to give up when I told my bestie, let’s take action and meet with the owner. Emails are so impersonal, it is better to meet in person and tell our story.

When we reached our destination, we met Nicky Rofail, the owner of the venue we will be using for our upcoming workshop and we engaged in a conversation. We learned that she never got our email, which explained why she had not come back to us and ended up concluding a long-term relationship. You guessed right, we got the sponsorship from Chiesa di Pazzo LUPPI. Nicky has a heart for start-up businesses and freelance professionals and offers a modern workspace (including boardroom, reception area, wifi) to rent in an inviting, airy building that was once an Anglican church. In Nicky’s words, this centre is “a collaborative venture between two South Africans and an Italian/French Moroccan. It’s an innovative new neighbourhood hub which has been designed to please people who live and work in Melville, complementing existing businesses and adding to the diverse range of cool services already on offer in the immediate area.”

Did we learn something about that experience? Definitely. Do not listen to that voice that prevents you from doing something. Do exactly the opposite. If we had listened to that voice we would have lost a golden opportunity and would have missed an occasion to meet a beautiful soul. Nicky is simply out of this world. We clicked. God works in mysterious ways. Christine and I took a new step in the ladder of life and in business in general. In the process, our faith got strengthened. It was an incredible and empowering experience. Knowledge Your New Currency.

Why did I share those 2 experiences with you? I did it because I believe that they are 2 different experiences which however lead to the same result, i.e, enriching our knowledge. Knowledge is the new currency. Whatever you do, do not underestimate the experience you are going through. Each experience has in it a seed of knowledge and that knowledge will propel you to something greater if you know how to leverage it.

I truly hope that this inspirational article about Knowledge Your Currency helps you capture the moment and see the positive side of every experience you go through. I also hope that you will see the crucial role Knowledge plays in our life and in society. Feel free to share your experiences. You never know, someone, somewhere might need to read this today. Be a change agent.

Knowledgeably Yours 😉

Eva Arissani,

Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, International Speaker, Professional Coach, Blogger, Founder of runner-up as best religious/spiritual blog in 2015, Founder of She Phoenix, Femme Phoenix (SPFP) NPO, Women’s & Girl’s Empowerment Champion, Greatness Engineering Ambassador and Mireille Toulekima Global Leadership Regional Director for South Africa, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Translation Expert, FLE Expert, Facilitator, French Voice Over Artist

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