Jump at the opportunity

image1An opportunity does not always appear as we would like it to, in fact, very often, it is disguised and difficult to conceive as a possibility for improvement, as the response to our prayer, as the way to reach new horizons or as the beginning of a new exciting chapter. Opportunities may be scary, annoying and therefore easy to let slip. And yet, every single one of us is looking for opportunities to grow. Should we just Jump at the opportunity? This is a motivational article aiming at encouraging you to be on the lookout for opportunities that come your way.

A month ago, I was invited to attend a workshop focusing on women empowerment. When I looked at the program of the event, I saw that there would be guest speakers. I then replied, thanking for the invitation and I mentioned that I was actually a motivational / inspirational speaker and that I would love to offer my services. When the Director of the company organizing the event realized that, she immediately set up a meeting and before I knew it, I went from being an invitee to becoming a guest speaker.

A week before the event, she contacted me to say that she was not sure about the attendance and that she would come back to me. Days passed by and I received urgent translation projects that require my full attention. I then forgot about the event and planned without taking it into account. On the day before the event was supposed to take place, she sent me a message to confirm the deal and my first reaction was to pull out because of the task at hand and the very short notice, but then I listened to the small voice deep inside of me that told me to remember that I actually wanted to speak at that event, that this could end up to be a very good opportunity and that there was a time for everything. So, I confirmed my availability and decided to Jump at the opportunity.

Was it a good decision? Indeed, it was. The event was well attended. I got to speak to a group of very interesting, exciting, amazing ladies with whom I connected easily. I also got to listen to the other guest speakers whose story moved me to the core and I left, enriched by that wonderful opportunity that came my way.

If I had let it slip because the opportunity seemed to come at a wrong time, because it would have had an impact on the time I wanted to spend on my translation project, or for any other reason, I would certainly have had regrets and would have missed the opportunity to extend my network and live a great experience.

It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path – Michael Dell

When someone or something comes your way:

1- Open up your eyes, look at it from a different perspective, be open to a new experience

2- Face your fear of being tricked, of having to put in more efforts or to spend more time on something

3- Always keep in mind your goals. The opportunity that is coming your way could certainly be one that is aligned with your goals. Unfortunately, they do not always come in the right package.

4- Take action.

5- Enjoy the moment.

Since I have consciously decided to explore every opportunity that comes to me, I got to meet more great people, I got more voice over deals, I got more speaking engagements and more translation projects and most importantly, I got to realize some of my goals! THow awesome is that! Think twice before you let an opportunity pass.

I truly hope this motivational article has inspired you to Jump at the opportunity. We live in a world of possibilities and you have a lot of potential that needs to be unlock.

Like this post and share it, someone somewhere might miss an opportunity of a lifetime because he or she is not aware of it.

Have a fantastic week and God bless you,

Eva Arissani, Published author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, Inspirational/ Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Founder of http://www.newmoi.org runner up as best religious/spiritual blog in 2015, French/English/French Sworn Translator, French Voice over artist, Facilitator, Entrepreneur

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