In 2015, I attended a very practical training session organized by Gerry Robert and facilitated by Brian Nieves. That Publish a Book and Grow Rich Bootcamp helped me not only to finalize the publication of my book New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you and live an extraordinary life, but also to get to meet amazing, inspiring people such as the one and only Darren August, Author of A Teacher changed My Life. 

We did not know each other but we talked as if we had been friends forever. He is a people person and such an inspiring soul. At the time, I was about to publish my book and I was just looking for tools to make it happen. The bootcamp came at a perfect time, just like my encounter with Darren August. I immediately connected with him and his wife that I have not yet had the pleasure to meet but that I got to love through her husband who cannot stop talking about her. When we parted, we thought we had so much in common, we decided to get together, i.e Darren, his wife, myself and my husband. Well, we have not got together yet… But better late than never right ?

Anyhow, I received an invite to attend the launch of his new brand Inspired, which I unfortunately missed as I had to take care of my little 4 year old and as a contribution to his successful launch, I offered to interview Darren. Interview that he accepted. So I give you Darren August.

Darren, thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about Darren August:

Eva Arissani : Who are you, where are you from? How did you become who you are today? 

Darren  August : I love to think of myself as just an ordinary guy with big dreams.  I only have one desire that drives everything I do – and that is TO DIE EMPTY. I am from Johannesburg, grew up in a township called Ennerdale and currently live in Glenvista. I am married to Arlene who loves me unconditionally. – she is my safe place, my best friend and my biggest supporter. I love her with all my heart.  All I am is a product of God’s grace. I am nothing without Jesus, and everything I have ever achieved is because of who He is in my life.

Eva Arissani : Tell us about your accomplishments.

Darren August : I run a successful people development business – Dazz Consulting. I am a successful author – to date I have sold 3800 copies of my book , and consistently average a minimum of 100 book sales a month

Eva Arissani: Tell us about your book and your school tours.

Darren August : My book is called “A Teacher changed My Life”. It is a motivational book that reignites the passion for the noble profession within every teacher.  It is also a book that shares my personal journey and the dreams I have chased for many years.  Anyone who reads this book gets to reflect on their own journey through “the school of life” and can identify with some of my experiences and those of some others which I share in the book.  Parents, teachers and learners can all benefit from this book as it appeals to anyone.

I initiated “The Inspirational Teacher Tour” shortly after the release of my book.  With this tour I travel the country and motivate teachers to see their profession as a calling – not a job.  These sessions are life changing and has been described by many educators as “the best talk they have heard in their lives”.  The tour celebrates the work teachers do and elevates the teaching profession.

Eva Arissani : What inspired you ? What inspires you?

Darren August : Dreams inspire me. I love achieving my dreams, and I love to see others achieve and live their dreams too.  I am inspired by people who step out in faith and do what is in their hearts.

Eva Arissani : What keeps you motivated?

Darren August : I am motivated by my purpose. I am extremely grateful to have found what I need to be doing and I am honoured that I get the opportunity to live my purpose everyday. I am also motivated by the fact that Arlene is so proud of me. I want to be a husband she can always be proud of.

Eva Arissani : What have been and still are your main challenges? How have you and/or are you overcoming them?

Darren August : There just isn’t enough time and money to do all that I would like to do to make a bigger impact.  I overcome this challenge by simply doing the best I can and being present in every moment so I can rise to every occasion and give my best. I know that in the end, it will all work out.

Eva Arissani : What are you now trying to achieve?

Darren August : I am trying my best to get more people to realise that they can live their dreams too.  I just want everyone I interact with to be inspired to get out there and do what they have been created for.

Eva Arissani : Who was/ is on your side during this journey?

Darren August : MY SAVIOUR – JESUS CHRIST… He never leaves me, and promised to always be with me. This gives me all the confidence I need to face the platforms I do. The support of my wife, my parents & sister, my friends and even my social media family also means a lot to me and keeps me going.  It’s great to have people shouting and cheering me on from the grand stands.

Eva Arissani : What methods are you using to stay motivated ?

Darren August : I try to stay aligned to my purpose. I try to do everything in a way that ensures that I am living with integrity. I pray and ask God to lead me and direct my paths. And I also keep track of every little success or achievement so I can celebrate it in the hard times – and I use it as a reference point when I feel like giving up.

Eva Arissani : You call yourself “certified dream coach”. Please tell us about it.

Darren August : I have been accredited and certified with Dream University in the USA  to coach people through a proven 10 step program which helps individuals gain clarity on what their dreams are, and also empowers them with the practical tools to achieve their dreams and ultimately live a “Dream Come True Life”.

Dream coaching is such a powerful tool more people should make use of in order to realise the dreams which are often side lined because we are more committed to our doubts, fears or realities. I have a proven track record of going after my dreams , and now I have the understanding of how I achieved it and even better – I am now able to teach people to apply these same principles and experience similar or better results than what I have.

Eva Arissani : What is your dream? What is your breakthrough goal?

Darren August : My purpose statement is “ To Keep dreaming – and inspire others to dream”, so I will never only have just one dream or breakthrough goal… But for now, one of my big dreams is to establish my own school one day.

Eva Arissani : What advice can you give to the readers of

Darren August : Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that you are not good enough – And even if they say it – Just refuse to believe it!

Thank you Darren August. Allow me now to share this quote by Connor McGregor who eloquently said : ” I take inspiration from everyone and everything. I’m inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors, people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers, believers, achievers.”

I have been inspired by God, my husband and dearest life partner Romeo Sinclair, many other people and since that day at the Publish a Book and Grow Rich Bootcamp, by Darren August. Thank you Darren for being the Inspirational person of the month on, Runner-up at 2015 SA Blog Awards as best religious or spiritual blog.

Be inspired and remember that every single day that God gives you is an opportunity to chase your dream and make it a reality.

Inspiringly Yours,

Eva Arissani, Author of New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you and live an extraordinary life. (available on Blogger and Founder of Runner-up at 2015 SA Blog Awards as best spiritual or religious blog. Motivational / Inspirational / Business Speaker, Translator, Facilitator, Language Expert.



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