Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless Situations

IMG_3051This is an Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless Situations. Every single day of our life, we see and hear of people facing seemingly hopeless situations. My intention when writing this article is to inspire you to hold in there and know that out of a seemingly hopeless situation, God will show you the way and the action to take. Out of no way, a way will be made if you read the signs.

This article came to me naturally after witnessing an amazing story. That story profoundly moved me and reminded me of seemingly hopeless situations I found myself in. I assume that many of us at one stage in our life experienced or are still experiencing seemingly hopeless situations. What do I mean by ‘seemingly hopeless situations’? Situations where circumstances look as if we are corneredwe do not see any way out…everything humanly possible has been tried out and the consequences are simply unbearable.

A friend of mine recently went through such a trying time. Please bear with me as this is quite a long story. I will however, spare you the details whenever possible.

A few years ago, he and his wife lost their first born at an early age. It was a traumatic experience for the couple but they overcame it together and grew stronger. Two years later, they got another baby boy who became the apple of their eye as you can imagine. The year that followed, they were blessed with another child, a beautiful little girl. So things were really going well for the couple.

Unfortunately and nobody knows what happened, one day, my friend’s wife started to change and became aggressive towards her husband. They started arguing a lot and she suddenly stated that she wanted to leave him and start her life over with the kids. My friend thought that she was going through a phase and tried to give her some space, until he realized how serious the situation had become. She took the children away from him and disappeared. Whenever he tried to reach her, she would say things like :  “Do not try to contact me again, you will never see me or the kids”. He was devastated and went to social workers who also tried to reach out but his wife became more aggressive. This happened last year just before christmas.

Put yourself in his shoes, a few years ago, he lost his young child and now he felt as if he had lost his whole family. His family was everything to him. He worked hard during the week, more than the normal 40 hours per week to provide for his family. Every time he gets home, the kids are fast asleep and he leaves home before they get up in the morning. He thought that it was the sacrifice he had to pay, to give the best to his family. And now he lost it all and never got to spend enough time with them. He was devastated. Nothing seemed to work and he did not know where they were. He was hurting so bad, he did not know what to do. When he confided in me, he was crying and felt helpless. I was not in his shoes but I felt his pain…

Far from his family, he was inspired to do something he had not done and that he had always wanted to do : Find his father. His mother never told him anything about his father as he had abandoned them when he was still a young boy. A voice deep inside of him told him that it was time for him to go after his father and confront him. Alone and hurting, he went looking for his father.

I will spare you the details about his search. But after a few weeks, in December, he found his father, now in his late seventies, sick and alone, living in an immense property. They both got to talk and out of no way, a way was made. The old man never remarried and was so ashamed of what he had done, he lived his life hoping that one day, God would give him the opportunity to speak to his one and only child.

That father-son encounter was healing for both of them and blessed by the mother. When he explained his situation to his newly-found father, his father said : “Son, your wife will come back to you. When she does, forgive her for the children’s sakeand show her the way”. They prayed together and parted.That encounter healed them so profoundly that when they left each other, they knew that things would never be the same. They knew deep down that things somehow would get better.

When he returned to his place, about 5 days following his encounter with his father, in January, his wife came back home, crying. The children were with her, both crying. She explained that the youngest child refused to eat and wanted his father. She then realized that the children could not be separated from their father. She also realized that she had wronged him and she asked him for forgiveness. Needless to say, he could not believe his ears nor his eyes. God had answered his prayer. God had answered his prayer. He was still hurting and scared that she might hurt him again. But a voice deep inside of him reminded him of what his father had told him and the same voice inspired him to forgive her and to love her as he used to or even more. Forgiveness is healing. Today, he has his family back and has inherated from his newly-found father.

What were the odds? I do not know about you but that story profoundly touched me. This, truly, is a good example of a seemingly hopeless situation. He was so hurt when he thought that he had lost his family. He did not know how to handle the pain. He almost lost his job. But now looking back, he realized that God wanted him to go through that trying time, that seemingly hopeless situation. God had a plan for him. He wanted him to reconcile with his father and to inherit from him. He wanted him to take a good look at his life. For that, he had to be alone. If his family had been around, he would not have the urge to start looking for his father or to start thinking of improving his life. He would never have left his wife and kids to look for a man who had abandoned him so many years ago. He would not have listened to a voice deep inside of him because his reason would have convinced him not to do it. He would never have thought of starting a business. He had to endure that seemingly hopeless situation to get where he is now. Now he has forgiven his father, his wife and is blessed and happy beyond measure. He is still working for his employer but is growing a business on the side. He has built his own house and is a happy man. He is in awe as he still cannot believe that God worked out such a miracle in his life.

Why am I sharing that Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless Situations with you? I am doing it for the following reasons :

Every single day of our life, some of us go through seemingly hopeless situations not knowing how to deal with those difficult situations. Some face seemingly hopeless situations in their family, in their professional life, with their health, etc. Whatever the circumstances, from the true life stories I have witnessed and from my personal experience, God will manifest at a moment when everything humanly possible has been tried. What seems to be a helpless situation is helpless for us, human beings, but nothing is impossible to the Lord our God.

When I am confronted to a seemingly helpless situation, I follow this personal 2-step process:

1) I try everything in my power to overcome the obstacle

2) When I realize that it is beyond me and anybody else, in a prayer, I leave it to God and I ask Him to show me the way. I ask Him to resolve that problem for me.

Every time I follow that 2-step process, I feel blessed and relieved. Sometimes, it takes years for a seemingly helpless situation to sort itself out, but it eventually does. All things happen in God’s time.

Today, I am my own boss. I am running a very successful translation agency. I have been in contact with high profiles. My life has reached a dimension I never thought possible to reach. For that, I am truly thankful to God. I embrace my hurtful past and even more my amazing present and my awesome future. I am a young, dynamic, successful entrepreneur, happy mother and married woman and believe me, It has not been a smooth journey. But at the end of the day, I would not swap my right of passage for anything else, as I know now that had I not gone through this, I would probably not have become the person I am today.

With all my heart, I hope that this Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless Situations will inspire you to face whatever mountain you are climbing. I pray that this Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless situations help you see things from a different perspective. God works in mysterious ways and what seems to be a terrible and hurtful situation, might happen to be a right of passage for something truly rewarding. The only thing is that through the pain, you have to read the signs and listen.

Fathers have a huge responsibility in our society. It takes love, courage, guts and much more to be a father. It is not just a biological right. It is much more than that, which is why I salute initiatives such the initiative that my friend, a South African author Charley Pietersen started a few years ago through his book called “Growing up without a father“. Are we a fatherless community? How do we deal with the feeling of being abandoned? How do we deal with the feeling of being a single mother with so many responsibilities ? It is hard but it is possible. Remember that you are God’s child and this, gives you greatness. Once you realize the power that is within you, you will climb every single mountain in the blink of an eye.

Stay blessed,

Eva Arissani, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, Founder of, Director at Transcentral (Pty) Ltd, Sworn Translator (Fr/Eng/Fr), Professional French Trainer

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