An inspirational message on Abundance

8ce247df6cab0665af1f7194109f86c9This is an inspirational message on Abundance. An abundant life is not an utopia. Abundance surrounds us but sometimes we are so trapped into our limiting thoughts, we fail to see that abundance. Abundance exists in many forms. What is abundance to you? Why are some people abundant while others are living in poverty and scarcity? That’s a difficult question to answer. But one thing is for sure, one can attract abundance in one’s life. This inspirational message on Abundance aims at inspiring you not to give up and to dwell on abundance rather than on scarcity; dwell on abundant thoughts rather than on limiting thoughts.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by so many negative events, people and circumstances, it is hard to dwell on abundant thoughts. So much so that having abundant thoughts becomes a choice. It is a conscious choice to make. How can we attract abundance in our life and in our community if we dwell on scarcity, limiting thoughts and negative events?

Abundance has different forms and can be experienced differently. According to me, abundance can be experienced through material and financial matters; through happiness, love, peace of mind, etc; or through a holistic experience, that is to say through a combination of the two elements stated before. Personally, I wish the latter to everyone. I believe that our true nature is not to experience scarcity, poverty, limitations and suffering but rather to experience the abundant life that God promised us. I truly believe that each one of us can experience the joy of an abundant life.

Even if you do not have riches and are in a precarious situation, you can see abundance in every single thing that makes you happy and that makes a positive difference in your life. Abundance can be in the small cheque your receive although it does not cover all the expenses. If you feel grateful for this cheque and feel richer thanks to that cheque, you will unlock the frequency of abundance and send the right signal.

If on the contrary you start swearing and remind yourself that this cheque will not resolve your financial problems, things will naturally get worse because instead of dwelling on abundant thoughts, you consciously choose to dwell on limiting thougths. Ask yourself the following question, what difference will having negative, limiting thoughts about that cheque have on your life ? Why not have positive and grateful thoughts about that cheque? After all it will make a positive difference in your life whatever small it is. The fact is that we almost automatically see the negative side of things instead of the positive one and we automatically switch to limiting thoughts instead of abundant ones.

An abundant life is possible for anyone who has a holistic vision of abundance. Abundance is not just about money. Money is a means to an end but not the end. An abundant life, to me, is a life of joy, peace, health and prosperity at all level. Every single day is an opportunity to get closer to that holistic abundance. The key is in our mind.

Educate your mind to think abundance and in the process you will attract more abundance in your life “. Eva Arissani

Here are 6 principles that to me are essential to live an abundant life :

  1. Pray for abundance / Meditate on abundance / Visualize – Prayer is essential for our spiritual growth. Meditation and visualization are important steps as well.
  2. Replace limiting thoughts with abundant thoughts. How? See the positive side of every little thing that happens in your life. Let’s go back to the example of the cheque. Be grateful for what the cheque will do for you. See this as being richer than before. Forget about any other limiting thought. This can apply to anything.  Your job, your business, etc. Expand your thinking ability. Think abundant thoughts. Forget about limiting thoughts.
  3. Master your feelings. This is not an easy step. But the thing is we know when we are feeling sad, bad, unhappy. The trick is to switch from negative and limiting feelings to feelings of abundance. Cultivate abundance. Nurture abundance. Make abundance a part of your life.
  4. Worring about abundance locks the door of abundance. Think about it. If you pray and ask God for an abundant life. How can you still worry about it ? Worrying about it would mean doubting that what you have asked for, has already been given in the invisible. Do not trust your eyes. Trust your faith.
  5. Activate your faith. To attract abundance, take positive, constructive actions. The abundance you are asking for has already been given through people, circumstances, inspired ideas, specific situations, etc. Be aware of everything and everyone around you. Be on the lookout and expect the best to happen. Take a constructive action towards realizing that abundant life.
  6. Surround yourself with only quality people. Surround yourself with people who can help you dwell on abundant thoughts.

These principles are hard to follow but they are worth it. In his book, Raymond Holliwell mentions the following : “An abundance of all needed good is the natural heritage of every man, woman and child. That is the vital truth“. I love that sentence because I strongly believe that our heritage is indeed to have an abundant life. To receive abundance, one must think abundance, talk abundance and live abundance with every thought and throuh every action.

Share this message and receive more than you are giving. I wish you a blessed week filled with abundance.

Abundantly Yours,

Eva Arissani, Author of New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you and live an extraordinary life. (available on Founder of Runner-up at 2015 SA Blog Awards as best spiritual or religious blog. Motivational / Inspirational / Business Speaker, Translator, Facilitator, Language Expert.

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