The Power of Giving

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I am an avid reader of spiritual books and as many of you, I often came across the life’s simple formula: ” Ask, Believe, Receive“. I think that this is a simplified formula that helps and yet can limit a lot of people. It is true, however incomplete. To me, there is a powerful element missing and that is The Power of Giving. This inspirational article about The power of Giving aims at empowering you more and at unveiling the power of true Giving. That powerful principle will change your life for the better.

While I state that the life’s simple formula Ask, Believe, Receive is incomplete, I admit that it is a very good formula to start with. However, when you get further in the journey of spirituality and in the search of the power that God, the Creator of the Universe endowed us with and in the means to unleash this same power, you will realize that although Ask, Believe, Receive is true, it is yet incomplete without the powerful principle of true Giving.

This inspirational article about The Power of Giving is based upon my readings, findings and my own experience. All my life I have been motivated by the pursuit of a better life. This in essence is most people’s dream and aspiration, I guess. Up to a few years ago, I was acting upon what I believed to be the right or the wrong thing and did not really try to further my reflection about life, the meaning of true living, the meaning of being a believer and I did not realize that our purpose on life was to find our way in a world where good would not exist without bad and yet where each and everyone of us has the choice to do good or bad and to bear the consequences of these same choices.

Why do I affirm that Giving is an essential part of life’s formula?

1) It is written in the Bible : Luke 6: 38 “Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you”. This can be interpreted differently. And I would love to read your interpretation on that quote. As to me, this means that we must give with our heart and with good intentions. We must give to impact positively on others without thinking about ourselves and as this is a law, it will work naturally for us and in the process we will grow in the direction that we desire and we will fuel the creative process.

2) R. Holiwell states in one of my favourite books : Working with the Law, ” Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”. What a powerful sentence! Allow me to repeat it : “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”. Once again, it could be interpreted differently. This is an extraordinary way of putting things. We are humans and as humans, we tend to feel limited sometimes when confronted to life trials and tribulations. I don’t know for you but I tend to start everything with a prayer. I put my joys, my fears and my hopes in my everyday prayer and I found that prayer is just the beginning. Yep that’s right. As Holliwell eloquently states: “when we pray we think that all that is necessary is to keep on praying” which is not true. The next step is to put our faith in action. Through your prayer, you have asked. Now your belief/ faith will depend on the action you will take. If you truly have faith that your prayer has been heard, you will take the necessary action to go out there and find what God has already given you. You will get it through people, circumstances, situations that help you materialize your prayer. Now that’s where Giving comes in.  You must find it in your heart to act as if you had already received what you asked for and hence give graciously your time, energy, kindness, skills, help,etc. without expecting anything in return as you know deep inside your heart that your prayer has been granted. If you can give money, it is great but money is not the only thing you can give. Morever giving money can only have a positive effect if you give it the right way.

3) I have realized that every time I give an excellent service to my clients, I receive tons of blessings through awesome feedbacks, unexpected cheques, unexpected requests leading to unexpected remunerations, and most importantly I feel aligned with myself and what I think God expects of each one of us. I strive everyday of my life to give my best to people who truly appreciate quality work. I have learned not to waste my time with people who are not ready to put forth the effort to help themselves. As Holliwell eloquently states : ” when you see someone making an effort to help himself, that is the time to assist him/her, but do not give of [yourself] to the one who will not help himself/ herself or at least try. The latter will misuse your gift”.

Giving is truly powerful. In fact, true living starts with giving and naturally as the law is always at work, we will receive our heart’s desires as long as these desires are clear in our mind and in our heart.

Allow me to give you my 4 step life’s formula based on my research, findings and personal experience:

1) Ask through prayer –  While you pray, feel the joy of having been heard

2) Activate your faith –  Believe that what you have asked for has been granted and hence go out there confident, be aware of everything, person and situation. Expect the best as you know that it is there waiting for you to grab it.

3) Give –  Yourself. Give your energy, your time, your help, your money if you have some with right feelings attached to this action, give your appreciation, give your love, give without expecting anything in return. Give to people who help themselves or try to help themselves. Believe in The Power of Giving.

4) Receive – the law works perfectly. As you put the emphasis on giving rather than on getting, you will receive what you deserve.

I truly hope that this inspirational article about The Power of Giving will empower you more and will unveil The Power of Giving in your life. I cannot repeat it enough, that powerful principle will change your life for the better.

Inspiringly Yours,

Eva Arissani, Author of New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you and live an extraordinary life. Founder of Runner up as best spritual or religious blog at SA Blog Awards 2015. Inspirational/Motivational/Business Speaker. Transformational Coach. Language Expert. Sworn Translator and Facilitator.

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