How would I like to be treated?


The Golden Rule, to me, is probably one of the most important rules or laws that ever existed. I truly think that if one wants to live a prosperous, healthy, happy, wealthy, blessed and fulfilled life, one has to constantly ask himself or herself the following: Am I treating others as I would like others to treat me? Am I living in accordance with the Golden Rule ? How would I like to be treated?

This line of thought is deeply rooted in my moral values. It helps me in my everyday life. I strive to consciously act in a certain way in my everyday encounters. I use the word ‘consciously’ because it is an effort that has to be done consciously. I try to be aware of the circumstances I find myself in. I try to be aware of the people around me, of the people talking to me and of the people living with me.

This Golden Rule is not specific to anything or anyone. This is the reason why it speaks so much to me. It appeals to my feelings as a human being and forces me to think before I act. It has existed for thousands of years and still applies today.

We should conduct ourselves toward others as we would have them act toward us – Aristotle

I vividly remember one specific situation. One day as I was going to fetch my kids at school, I saw a woman crying while walking towards the school. A million thoughts rushed through my mind. I thought : “Keep on walking Eva, she is having a bad day”. Then I thought : “Eva, what if it was you crying, would you have liked someone to stop and comfort you ?. It kept on coming : “Eva, don’t make a fool of yourself. She might take it the wrong way.” I eventually decided to stop and talk to her.

As soon as I asked her if she was ok, she started telling me how her day had been terrible and how her husband had not been supportive at all. She explained to me that she was late every single day because she had to take care of the kids, drop them off in two different schools using public transports and how her husband who could have made things easier for her, refused to assist her. I spare you the details of our conversation. But let me tell you, after fifteen minutes, she stopped crying, apologized to me for – as she put it – making this my problem and thanked me for my time.

I told her that sometimes we just need someone to talk to. I also gave her a piece of advice. I advised her to discuss the matter with her husband calmly and to look for a solution that would arrange both of them. She admitted that they were not really communicating as she was angry at him, but that she would make an effort to communicate with him.

We were two total strangers talking about personal and sensitive matters on the sidewalk. It seemed so awkward and yet so right because she needed someone to talk to. I felt that I had to stop because that is what I would have liked someone to do for me. This is a random personal example but it matters to me and I feel that it made a difference in someone’s life.

It makes my life more rewarding. I feel at peace and in harmony every time I apply that Golden Rule and every time I ask myself : Am I treating others as I would like others to treat me? I always ask myself : “How would I like to be treated?”. Now allow me to ask you the following : “How would you like others to treat you?”. It starts with the way you treat others. Reciprocity is powerful.

I truly hope that this inspirational message on the Golden rule and on the way we would like others to treat us, inspires you and empowers you in your daily life.

Have an awesome week and stay blessed.

Eva Arissani, Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life. Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Training Facilitator, French/English/French Sworn Translator. Blogger. Founder of Runner Up as best spirituality or religious blog at 2015 SA Blog Awards

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