How Strong Is Your Foundation?

August is gone leaving room for September. Welcome to the month of rebirth and renewal. I think it is a perfect time for self-assessment. This month I invite you to ponder on the following : ” How Strong Is Your Foundation?”. A fulfilling life is essentially built on deeply rooted interconnected spiritual elements. We are four months away from the end of the year. Are you closer to realizing your goals? Are you far behind? Have you given up? Now is the opportunity to take a closer look at what you have achieved so far and to set the record straight. Four months is more than enough to get back on track as long as you have a strong foundation. So this week, take some time off to reflect on the following : “How Strong is Your Foundation?”

Having a strong foundation is a must. Everything else will stem from it. Most of you must have heard that a house is to be built on a rock (Matthew 7: 24). We are a temple of God and therefore, everything has to be set solidly on rock. By ‘rock’ I mean, strong principles, a strong faith, an unwavering sense of peace, self-confidence and willingness to take action and learn from every single life experience.

Personally, I asked myself the question, ” Eva, How Strong Is Your Foundation?” many times and as I pondered on it over the years, I came to a strong realization. Today, I can say that my foundation is “solid rock” and I am not just saying that to convince anybody. I am genuine and this is where I draw my energy from. It took me years to achieve this level of confidence but it was completely worth it.

How did I come to such an awakening ? Allow me to share a few tips with you:

  1. I learned from my past and accepted it as a rite of passage. I suffered a great deal when I was younger being a teenage mom at age 14 with barely enough means to survive.
  2. I willingly decided to make it in life and put things in motion. I have a tremendous working experience which allowed me to become the successful woman entrepreneur I am today.
  3. I willingly and actively looked for my life purpose and sought to understand our world, our mind and our God.
  4. I willingly decided to love myself, be loved and to start a family.
  5. I willingly decided to be of service to others and to use my life story to have a positive impact on people and most specifically on young girls going through the same trauma I went through. Teenage pregnancy is a reality which requires a line of action. We not only need to prevent it from happening, we also need to support these young girls when it does happen. The thing is we need to stop seeing teenage pregnancy as a dead end and to look for a solution rather than to condemn. This is the reason why I set up the NPO She Phoenix, Femme Phoenix. It is with the intention to equip these young girls with the necessary life skills they need to improve their lives.

Our societies need more mentors and more positive stories. We need to change the current narratives and recondition the mindsets. At the end of the day, I believe that for women, young girls and men to be empowered, it starts from within. A shift has to be operated. The more successful people come forward and actively work on this change of mindset, the more we will manage to tip the scales and bring forth a generation of leaders, a generation of men and women who are self-confident and who work together towards a common goal : A brighter future for all.

How Strong Is Your Foundation? My foundation is strong because I believe in God, who made miracles in my life and took me from where I was to where I am now. My foundation is strong because I forgave those who hurt me and I pray for them. My foundation is strong because I have love in my life, through my family, my friends, my children, my dearest husband. My foundation is strong because I am self-confident and I know who I am and how powerful I am. My foundation is strong because I made peace with whatever happened in my past. My foundation is strong because of the people surrounding me. I cease this opportunity to thank 3 special people in my life : my mother, my husband and my sister and business partner Mireille Toulekima, they all played and are still playing a tremendous role in my life.

We all have a past, but how it influences our present and our future, is up to us. – Eva Arissani”

I leave you with this food for thought : “How Strong Is Your Foundation?”. Like this article, make a comment, share your story, share this article as somewhere someone needs to be inspired.

Have a fantastic week and be blessed

Eva Arissani,

Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, International Speaker, Professional Coach, Blogger, Founder of runner-up as best religious/spiritual blog in 2015, Founder of She Phoenix, Femme Phoenix (SPFP) NPO, Women’s & Girl’s Empowerment Champion, Greatness Engineering Ambassador and Mireille Toulekima Global Leadership Regional Director for South Africa, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Translation Expert, FLE Expert, Facilitator, French Voice Over Artist

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