Hope is the key to a better tomorrow

Hope is the key to a better tomorrow. Hope will keep you moving whatever circumstances you may find yourself in.

Hope is a gift from God that will give you the strength to believe in a better future.

Hope and faith will bring forth Nick Vuljicic on hopemiracles into your life.

Whatever difficult circumstances you are facing right now, whatever trauma you are enduring, let me tell you this, there is hope for you.

Over the weekend I attended the National Achievers Congress 2015, a mind-blowing congress that gathered many world known keynote and motivational speakers such Tony Dovale, J.T Foxx, Kevin Green, Peng Joon, Andy Harrington, Niel Malan, Billy Selekane, to name but a few. It took place in Sandton, Johannesburg and one of the main speakers was Nick Vujicic who describes himself as having no arms, no legs and no limits.

Being in the same room with such an incredible man was so inspirational. Looking at such a passionate man who overcame his physical disabilities and who instead of complaining and self-pitying himself about his physical state, shares with the world a message of love, hope and change with humour and passion, was a milestone for me.

If such a man with no arms and no legs can overcome the setbacks that he has gone through and that he is still going through, what does it tell us? If he accepted the fact that his physical condition is an obstacle that cannot not change and that instead of lamenting about it, he decided to make the most of his life and have a positive influence in the world, how can we –  who have obstacles that can change (fear of something, loss of something that can be replaced, I am talking about obstacles that can change) not have hope for a better future?

He shared with the audience a few key words that I just cannot keep to myself. They have inspired me. I hope they will also be a source of inspiration to you:

You do not know what you can achieve until you have tried it. Have a purpose. When you fail, try again. Obstacles are an opportunity to learn. Dream big. Never give up. Nick Vujicic

 Hope is the key to a better tomorrow. Let’s be thankful for the gift of hope. There is hope for you. Have faith. Make belief by putting your faith into action and see a brighter future unfold before your eyes. It’s possible.

Faithfully yours,


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