Great Read This February : The Road Less Traveled

Serge Toulekima

Great Read This February : The Road Less Traveled. How excited was I when I heard about the publication of The Road Less Traveled : Discovering Success Through Failing written by Serge Toulekima. This is an inspirational book for entrepreneurs like you and I, who are looking at booming in the entrepreneurial world. Start the new month of February, off right! Get the book and just like me, discover Mario’s world and how our main character managed to discover success through failing.

About the book

The Road Less Traveled is based on the author’s working experience. His book’s philosophy revolves around seven key personal attributes that a leader of an organization must have. He or she must also pay attention to the hiring process by developing these same attributes throughout the organization. Here are the seven key personal attributes:

1.) Have discipline in your foundations 2.) Have an entrepreneurship mindset 3.) Be a person of purpose 4.) Be a productive person, not a busy person 5.) Never compromise on integrity and character 6.) Look for passion and perseverance 7.) Embrace innovation and hire innovator.

I already told you more than enough. No spoiler alert, sorry. The book is available on Amazon.

About the author

Serge Toulekima is an energy and business consultant with working experience throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Serge is a very experienced oil and gas professional who started his career in 1995 with the Shell Group, where he held various international technical positions in Africa, Europe and Asia. After he left Shell, Serge joined Santos Limited Australia in 2006 where he worked on CO2 sequestration through enhanced oil recovery. In 2009 he moved to Chevron and joined their Australia Business Unit, working on the North West Shelf Liquefied Natural Gas Project.
Following his time at Chevron, he became the inaugural CEO of the Gabon Oil Company in 2011. He also served as Chairman of the board for Bourbon Gabon. In 2015 Serge stepped down from his position of CEO to pursue a consulting career.

Serge is a great believer in personal development, the use of renewable energy, and access to education for all children. He is an airplane enthusiast with a keen interest in sport, particularly tennis, and also enjoys swimming. Today he lives in the beautiful city of Perth, in Western Australia. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@sergetoulekima).

His 2 favorite quotes by Jim Rohn are :

Quote 1 : Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job & Quote 2 : To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are

I strongly believe in personal development too and as a leader and female entrepreneur, I believe that it is one’s responsibility to grow. I have not read the book yet, but I have a strong feeling that this book has a lot to offer in terms of resilience, which is key in entrepreneurship and of building a proper company culture.

The only limit that your company will reach is the one you will set. Aim high and with the right tools, you will head for success. Eva Arissani

Remember your Great Read This February : The Road Less Traveled, I wish you a fabulous month of February.

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