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My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge

Challenges can break us or make us. It all comes down to how we perceive them and how we take on challenges when they show up. My question to you : How do challenges affect you? It is an important question as it will make you assess your behaviour as a whole and take you one step further towards living a balanced life. In this very practical article, I will share with you My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge. Why? I noticed that too many people fall into the trap of giving in to challenges. It is a dangerous pattern which will drive you to a physical, mental and spiritual downfall. As a change agent, motivational and inspirational soul, I thought interesting to discuss this issue. read more

Inspirational Article on How to Make Work a Means rather than an End

This is an Inspirational Article on How to Make Work a Means rather than an End. We live in a very competitive society where people are being judged on appearances, material gain, material achievements and so on. Work has become an enslaver so much so that families get destroyed, many go through a burnout experience, some get depressed, others get frustrated, others lose themselves in the process… The thing is work should be a means to an end, not the end. The question is, do we know what is the end we would like to achieve? Can we clearly picture it? It is not just a matter of being rich. It goes deeper than that, the end should be to have a balanced, fulfilling, happy, peaceful life. This Inspirational Article on How to Make Work a Means rather than an End seeks to help us consciously shift all the negative impact work can have on each and everyone of us, to attract a life of favor. read more

Know Who You Are

Know Who You Are

Our Inspiring person of the month is Claudia Hanin, a dynamic young entrepreneur I met a few years ago in South Africa. She is my hairdresser and a friend. Like me, she is a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and an active citizen. She is such an inspiration and has a passion for God, children, hair and her family. She knows who she is through Jesus and invites everyone to do the same : Know who you are. Claudia is opening up her world to read more

An Inspiring 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

What an Inspiring 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture! What a memorable day and way to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s centenary birthday. Thousands of people from every corner of the world gathered to attend this very special event. The ambiance was mesmerizing. The speakers were incredible. The crowd was on fire. While sitting there, warmed up by a very benevolent sun shining on us, I thanked God from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to listen to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Mama Graça Machel, Former American President Barack Obama, Mr Patrice Motsepe, among others, LIVE. As a self-made entrepreneur, I felt privileged to be a part of such an incredible chapter of South Africa’s book. Folks, it was an Inspiring 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. It was insightful for us visionaries and leaders, which is the reason why I felt impelled to share the inspiration to be drawn from this special lecture. read more

What is your take on Failure?

What is your take on Failure? We all react differently to failure and more often than not, in a very negative way. On my way to the top, from nothing to becoming the successful entrepreneur I am today, I got to experience failure at different levels and finally got to see failure for what it really is, i.e : a learning experience supposed to make us grow. You know the old adage : “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger”. To me, the same goes for failure. This inspirational article about failure intends to help you gain a better understanding of failure and its implications in your life. Your take on failure will determine the outcomes of a negative situation or circumstance in your life. read more

Create Your Mantra For A Powerful 2018

Create your matra for a successful 2018

As we look back at the highlights of the past 12 months and reflect on what we accomplished, achieved, overcame, loved, witnessed, laughed at, shed tears for, discovered, lost, did not accomplish, did not achieve, did not love, did not witness, did not cry for, longed for, etc, let’s now move on and get ready for the New Year that we are about to cross over. It is not only time to jot down New Year resolutions and goals, but it is also time to Create Your Mantra For A Powerful 2018. This year I have been using a mantra that worked for me and I know for a fact that mantras are powerful. This is an inspirational article about the power of mantras and the 4 other elements that helped me achieve my goals and resolutions in 2017. read more

Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless Situations

IMG_3051This is an Inspirational Message About Seemingly Hopeless Situations. Every single day of our life, we see and hear of people facing seemingly hopeless situations. My intention when writing this article is to inspire you to hold in there and know that out of a seemingly hopeless situation, God will show you the way and the action to take. Out of no way, a way will be made if you read the signs. read more

Happy New You, Happy New Year


Happy New You, Happy New Year

Here we are, it’s New Year’s Eve. A year is about to end and another one is about to start. I don’t know about you, but for me, this year has been a roller coaster with milestone moments in my life and crushing blows. What a year it has been! I believe that every experience, good or bad, are part of the processof spiritual growth. I thank God for my experiences as they help me grow spiritually. read more

Broaden your comfort zone

broaden your comfort zone. Inspirational

The proverbial comfort zone – that space where we feel completely at ease, comfortable, powerful and confident. In it, we are the masters of the universe (or rather of our universe), everything is the way we like it to be; except for one small thing: for many, the universe or the comfort zone is rather small; quite tiny in fact, compared to the opportunities that lie beyond its borders. And because the world beyond the comfort zone is scary, many choose safety and comfort over more opportunities for success. It is after all the big unknown, which explains the feelings of discomfort, stress and malaise that we feel as soon as we make one step out of the comfort zone. read more

An inspirational message on Women’s Day

Extraordinary being

Today is not just any day, it is Women’s day is South Africa. This is An inspirational message on Women’s Day. For centuries women all the around the world have played a crucial role in our societies, not only to improve women’s situations and to give a voice to our gender, but also to fight for a better, greater more equal society. Women are playing an important role in the society, just like so many influential men, they are using their influence to tackle important, sensitive issues that are at the heart of the world development or lack of development. read more

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