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The Power Of Words

The Power Of Words

Did you say ‘I am stressed’, ‘I am swamped’, ‘I am overwhelmed’, ‘I am anxious’? Be careful what you say. Words have a power and before you know it, you will be prophesying these things in your life. The more you mention those words, the more powerful they become and the more they become your reality. Are you working for a company, as an entrepreneur or as a full-time caregiver? Whatever you do, you must be facing challenges and these challenges can push you over the edge if not carefully dealt with. Too often we tend to complain and focus on what is not working, instead of focusing on what is working.  Here are 5 ways that could help you change your perspective on some of the challenges we are confronted with : read more

Is Your Environment Creating A Peaceful State Of Mind?

Is Your Environment Creating A Peaceful State Of Mind?

August is Women’s month in South Africa. It is time to celebrate our achievements and to reflect on the way forward. Sisters, a peaceful environment creates a peaceful state of mind. My question to you, as we move deeper into this new month is as follows :” Is Your Environment Creating A Peaceful State Of Mind?” read more

Personal Growth Is Our Responsibility

Personal Growth Is Our Responsibility.

This month, let’s make sure we are on top of things, shall we? We are halfway already. It is important to do a quick retrospective and take the necessary steps to move in the right direction. A good place to start is to work on Personal Growth. Personal Growth Is Our Responsibility. It is not up to our parents. It is not up to our friends. It is not up to our relatives. It is up to us and only us. How can we expect a different result in our lives if we keep on doing the same things over and over again? We need to change our ways. We need to change our mindset. We need to be aware of what is not working in our lives and to address the issues at hand. We need to work on every single aspect of our lives. We need to become a holistic human being. read more

Being Resilient Is Key To Becoming Successful

Being resilient is key to becoming successful in life.

Being resilient is having the strength to get back up whatever the situation. It is the capacity to  keep moving forward even when the future looks bleak. It is the ability to brave the storm and have the blind faith that somehow things will work out. Too often we believe that good things happen only to others. That is a limiting paradigm that needs to be replaced with a positive one. Good things happen to whoever believe that it can happen to her / him. Positive change takes place when someone shows resilience no matter the circumstances. read more

My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge

Challenges can break us or make us. It all comes down to how we perceive them and how we take on challenges when they show up. My question to you : How do challenges affect you? It is an important question as it will make you assess your behaviour as a whole and take you one step further towards living a balanced life. In this very practical article, I will share with you My 5-Step Plan When Facing A Challenge. Why? I noticed that too many people fall into the trap of giving in to challenges. It is a dangerous pattern which will drive you to a physical, mental and spiritual downfall. As a change agent, motivational and inspirational soul, I thought interesting to discuss this issue. read more

How Strong Is Your Foundation?

August is gone leaving room for September. Welcome to the month of rebirth and renewal. I think it is a perfect time for self-assessment. This month I invite you to ponder on the following : ” How Strong Is Your Foundation?”. A fulfilling life is essentially built on deeply rooted interconnected spiritual elements. We are four months away from the end of the year. Are you closer to realizing your goals? Are you far behind? Have you given up? Now is the opportunity to take a closer look at what you have achieved so far and to set the record straight. Four months is more than enough to get back on track as long as you have a strong foundation. So this week, take some time off to reflect on the following : “How Strong is Your Foundation?” read more

What is your take on Failure?

What is your take on Failure? We all react differently to failure and more often than not, in a very negative way. On my way to the top, from nothing to becoming the successful entrepreneur I am today, I got to experience failure at different levels and finally got to see failure for what it really is, i.e : a learning experience supposed to make us grow. You know the old adage : “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger”. To me, the same goes for failure. This inspirational article about failure intends to help you gain a better understanding of failure and its implications in your life. Your take on failure will determine the outcomes of a negative situation or circumstance in your life. read more

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