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Personal Growth Is Our Responsibility

Personal Growth Is Our Responsibility.

This month, let’s make sure we are on top of things, shall we? We are halfway already. It is important to do a quick retrospective and take the necessary steps to move in the right direction. A good place to start is to work on Personal Growth. Personal Growth Is Our Responsibility. It is not up to our parents. It is not up to our friends. It is not up to our relatives. It is up to us and only us. How can we expect a different result in our lives if we keep on doing the same things over and over again? We need to change our ways. We need to change our mindset. We need to be aware of what is not working in our lives and to address the issues at hand. We need to work on every single aspect of our lives. We need to become a holistic human being. read more

Being Resilient Is Key To Becoming Successful

Being resilient is key to becoming successful in life.

Being resilient is having the strength to get back up whatever the situation. It is the capacity to  keep moving forward even when the future looks bleak. It is the ability to brave the storm and have the blind faith that somehow things will work out. Too often we believe that good things happen only to others. That is a limiting paradigm that needs to be replaced with a positive one. Good things happen to whoever believe that it can happen to her / him. Positive change takes place when someone shows resilience no matter the circumstances. read more

Life Happens But You Happen To Be Stronger

Life happens but you happen to be stronger.

Sometimes things get so hectic. For a moment, we get lost in the myriad of difficulties we are going through. When facing obstacles or challenges, the almost immediate reaction is usually a surge of negative feelings, right? The great news is we have the power to turn things around. When life happens, remember that you happen to be stronger than anything else you may be going through. read more

What is your self-narrative for 2019?

What is your self-narrative for 2019?

Too often we get caught up in our activities, in our interactions with others, to the point that we either lose a little bit of ourselves or end up adopting people’s opinions of us without even knowing it. Consequently, we subconsciously undermine our own self. How many times did you end up criticizing yourself because of what other people said or did to you? How often did you decide to change something in you to please others? How many times have you experienced a change of mood based on external factors ? How hard are you on yourself?Are you deep down nurturing a healthy self-narrative that helps you bring about the real you? Are you applying self-love? What is your self-narrative for 2019? read more

The State of Your Soul : A Key to A Better You

The State of Your Soul : A Key to A Better You

As I was reading Matthew 9 : 1-8 about the healing of a paralytic, I thought of the mind, body and soul connection. I know that they are interconnected, but that biblical verse just hit me. You know, sometimes, you do something and suddenly you get an epiphany… My sudden realization is the following : The State of Your Soul : A Key to A Better You. This is simply extraordinary because it unveils a link between our health and our soul. I truly hope that this inspirational article about The State of Your Soul : A key to A Better You, helps you in your quest for an improved You. read more

She Is A Girl Child And Much More

She is A Girl Child And Much More

Today is not just any day. Today we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child under the theme : “With Her a Skilled Girl Force”. It is special to me as I am well aware of some of the obstacles the girl child and teenage girls have to overcome across the world. They need to know that we are there for them. The aim of this inspirational article is to let the girl child and young girls all over the world know that each one of them is exceptional, clever, capable of anything they put their mind to, beautiful the way they are and stronger than they think. They all have been endowed with a seed of greatness and hence have the capacity to tackle anything life throws at them. read more

Why Did I Become A Woman Entrepreneur?

Why Did I Become A Woman Entrepreneur?

Many would say and rightfully so, that Entrepreneurship has it’s pros and cons. However, depending on our vision, on our passion, on what we bring to the table, on the tools at our disposal, on our mindset and on our expectations, to me, it is one of the most rewarding economic opportunity of our time! read more

How Strong Is Your Foundation?

August is gone leaving room for September. Welcome to the month of rebirth and renewal. I think it is a perfect time for self-assessment. This month I invite you to ponder on the following : ” How Strong Is Your Foundation?”. A fulfilling life is essentially built on deeply rooted interconnected spiritual elements. We are four months away from the end of the year. Are you closer to realizing your goals? Are you far behind? Have you given up? Now is the opportunity to take a closer look at what you have achieved so far and to set the record straight. Four months is more than enough to get back on track as long as you have a strong foundation. So this week, take some time off to reflect on the following : “How Strong is Your Foundation?” read more

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