Your beliefs create your reality

Whatever you believ becomes your realityYour beliefs create your reality. Whatever you believe becomes your reality. Do you believe that you don’t have the perfect body? Do you believe that you don’t deserve him/ her? Do you believe that you are unlucky? Do you believe that nothing you do works out? Do you believe that you are unhappy? Do you believe that you are prone to sickness? Do you believe that you will not get that position? Do you believe that you will not make it? Do you believe that you will not overcome that setback? …Whatever negative thoughts you believe about yourself or about your life are unfortunately your reality.

It sounds cliché but it is true: Your beliefs create your reality.

So why not anchor positive beliefs about yourself? What if you believed the following : I can have a perfect body; I deserve him/ her; I am lucky; everything I apply myself to works out the way it should be – if it is meant to be; I have a strong health ; I will get that position – if it does not happen, it means that for some reasons, it was not meant to happen and there is a better one with my name on it; I am happy; I will rise after the storm because I am a survivor and that setbacks are only temporary…Why not believe what makes you feel better ? The truth is, every negative belief you hold deep inside of you makes you feel unhappy. So why would you keep on torturing yourself ? 

When I was younger, I used to think that I was very unlucky and that I had to work hard to get anything I wanted in life. I believed it so strongly, it was my reality for many years until I discovered another way of thinking and of looking at life. I struggled to get any single thing I wanted. It became a habit. I even used to tell people that I was born  unlucky and that I had to struggle in life to achieve anything. Imagine the level of negativity? I was cursing myself without knowing it. Every step forward was a nightmare because of that belief. It was the case until I met that guy…The guy who a few years down the line married me. LOL.

You know blessings come through different packages. Be aware of people and circumstances in your life. God in His deepest love for me, sent me someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself. Through our conversations, my willingness to learn more about life, religion and myself, through readings, personal coaching, personal introspection, through a strong belief that there certainly is something more than what meets the eye, I finally shifted that negative belief and my conscious efforts gave birth to a new set of beliefs. 

I started to believe that I deserved to get anything I wanted. I started to believe that if I applied myself to something, it would happen …unless it was not meant to be… I started believing in myself…Before I realized it, my life took another direction. A more excited one. A more fulfilling one. A direction I would never have believed possible a few years ago.  

Your beliefs have the power to make you or destroy you. Your beliefs create your reality. Is it time for you to shift your beliefs ? It is now time to work on your beliefs. Set some ‘me’ time and consciously decide to make that positive shift. Feel free to share your personal work and results.

Your beliefs create your reality.

Stay blessed

Eva Arissani, Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you and live an extraordinary life, ENG/FRN/ENG Sworn Translator, FLE Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Founder of

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