5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017

image1 (10)Today, my aim when writing this inspirational article is to share with you what are for me 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017. Hello 2017, here we are and with this new year comes new resolutions.

My last article dates from so long! I kept on proscratinating things and I lost focus. I became a product of circumstances and it caused delays in many of my projects. Sometimes, don’t you feel that you wasted time? That you could have done so much more? The great thing about life, and thank God for that, is that at any time, and I mean it, at any time, we can bounce back, get back on track as long as we do not lose sight of our goals. Of course there might be consequences to face but with a strong determination, everything is possible.

This setback made me realize how serious bad habits such as proscratination, lack of consistency and lack of focus can be. As we start this New Year, I am taking up the challenge to stay focused, not “to put things off until tomorrow” and to take consistent actions. I also would like to extend my best wishes for 2017 to you and your family. May God bless you and may this New Year be filled with laughter, great achievements and many more blessings.

How did I come up with 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017? I looked back at some of the things in my life that did not go as planned in 2016 and I realized that for me to move forward in 2017, I would have to change a few bad habits and replace them with good ones.

1 out of 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017 – Work out :  Exercizing is not just a hobby, it is a must. I stopped going to the gym for a few months and as a result, I lost energy, felt sick many times and lost focus. This happened because one day I decided not to go to the gym and slowly but surely I replaced a good habit with a bad one. Believe me, I learned my lesson and now I ” hit the gym” and most especially, I take one day at the time. No more sugar. LOL (At least not as much sugar). I want this to last because I want to stay healthy. I got sick many times last year because of the lack of exercising. The hardest thing is to start but once you have taken that step, just be consistent. Things will get easier.

2 out of 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017 – Take Consistent Actions : When you start something that you really want to realize, whatever happens, do not stop. Keep on moving forward. Your efforts will pay off. If you stop, you might not lose everything but you will be delayed in the process. Some of my projects were delayed because of my lack of consistency. The good thing is that it made me realize the following : I can start again at any time.

3 out of 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017- Be Stress – Free : Stress can really make you sick. At one stage I was stressing so much because of work and other things, I got sick but really sick. Stress is one of the reasons I suffered from Hyperthyroidism a few years ago. Today I am completely healed from that sickness and I know for a fact that being sick stops you from moving forward and from blossoming. It is a fertile ground for all kinds of negative habits and feelings. So whatever happens, please do not stress. Every time I am confronted to a stressful situation I do the following :

I ask God for His Guidance and for inner peace.

I constantly remind myself that I will manage to do this and that stressing will NOT change anything. It would make things worse and make me lose control of things.

I now try to create the circumstances that will allow me to have enough time to run a project and submit it on time.

4 out of 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017- Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones : This is hard but once you make a habit of having positive thoughts, it will change your perspectives. I started thinking more about the things that did not work out instead on relying on the things that worked. As a result, I was attracting more of those things into my life. Once I realised what I was unconsciouly doing, I took the conscious decision to ‘select’ my thoughts. My feelings make this process easier as every time I feel bad, it means I am having bad thoughts. This changes everything to me. It really does. It puts things into a different perspective and it really makes me feel on top of things.

5 out of 5 Ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017- Feel …: Feel happy. Feel abundance in your life. Feel healthy. Feel grateful. Feel complete. Feel determined. Feel motivated. Feel inspired. Feel successful. Feel blessed. Feel ….everything you want to attract into your life. In 2016, I lived extraordinary moments that I attracted to me and I truly believe that it is because of the way I felt about money, life and many other things. I had fantastic moments with my family and I felt so special at times. Sometimes, I paused to thank God for the miracles He worked in my life.

I do not know about you but every time I felt bad, miserable, sad, angry, you name it, I attracted more of those things and I kept on feeling bad, miserable, angry… Isn’t it better to feel …. the way we would love to feel rather than feel the way we would hate to feel ? It is not easy as we live in a world where we are in contact with others and we get into situations that sometimes make us feel bad. But at the end of the day, I believe that one of the biggest challenges we have is not to let things, people and circumstances determine the way we feel. Our feelings determine who we are, what we think and what we do. So my friendly piece of advice is: keep the way you feel checked at all times.

This inspirational article about 5 ways to Be on Top of Things in 2017 was inspired by my setbacks in 2016. I know that there are much more aspects to consider to make this year a fantastic year but I only focused on these 5. I hope this inspires you to move forward this year!

Stay blessed and have a great one!

Eva Arissani, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, Founder of http://www.newmoi.org, Director at Transcentral (Pty) Ltd, Sworn Translator (Fr/Eng/Fr), Professional French Trainer


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