October 2015 archive

Motivational message about your goals

Choose how you react

This is a motivational message about your goals. How far are you to achieving your goals for 2015 ? October is about to end and November is approaching quite fast with its opportunities, challenges and surprises. This is a new day, a new week, a new opportunity to step forward and walk towards your goals. What are you going to do this week that will bring you closer to your goals ?

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Motivational message about life

Extraordinary being

This is a motivational message about life that aims at encouraging you in your path towards a brighter future. I remember a quote Les Brown mentioned in one of the presentations I attended and it stroke me. That quote motivates me to keep on moving forward. When life happens sometimes we fall. The most important thing is to stand right back up whatever the circumstances. I thought I should share this with you :

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