August 2015 archive

Inspirational message about Focus

1440975875076This is an Inspirational message about Focus to help you start the week on a very good note and know that you can make things work better by focusing on one thing at the time. Do you feel that there is a lack of consistency in your life? Are you constantly moving from one thing to another without ever carrying anything through? Have you ever felt overwhelmed because of the amount of work that you have and by the feeling of working so hard without seeing the work materialize? read more

A motivational message to own the day


This is A motivational message to own the day and grab it with fearlessness and boldness. Every time we go to bed at night, we take for granted that we will wake up, open our eyes and see a new day unfold. The truth of the matter is that we never know if we will wake up for sure. So when we do wake up, we need to feel blessed, grateful, thankful and excited about this new day. We need to send out good vibes. read more

An inspirational message on Women’s Day

Extraordinary being

Today is not just any day, it is Women’s day is South Africa. This is An inspirational message on Women’s Day. For centuries women all the around the world have played a crucial role in our societies, not only to improve women’s situations and to give a voice to our gender, but also to fight for a better, greater more equal society. Women are playing an important role in the society, just like so many influential men, they are using their influence to tackle important, sensitive issues that are at the heart of the world development or lack of development. read more

Motivational message to kick off the month


This is a Motivational message to kick off the month of August. This month is your month! Period. You have five months left before the end of the year! Five months to realize your goals. It does not matter if you have not realized what you would have wanted to realize by now. You might have been sidetracked. What is important is not to give up on your goals, not to give up on yourself. What is important is for you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what happened, you will get where you want to be. read more