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A nourishing inspirational message

A nourishing inspirational message to kick things off this July. Have you already been in a situation where you were about to make something happen and suddenly, unexpectedly, had  to face an obstacle, a setback, unforeseen circumstances that made the situation worse for you? When it happened, did you feel that rush of negativity and started thinking : “that’s it I will never make this work, it was predictable” or did you feel that wave of negativity and started thinking : “time to put a positive spin on it. It seems bad but I will make this work”? read more

What is your attitude towards success?

Success image

What is your attitude towards success? I’m referring to the success of others and especially when yours is still in the making. Have you ever come face to face with success either in the form an extremely wealthy individual, a great athlete or someone who have overcome a particular challenge;  or even the form of happiness in love and relationships and felt bad about your own situation at the time? read more