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Goal setting starts with a dream.

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Goal setting starts with a dream before it becomes your reality. Everyday someone is working towards achieving a dream. The question is : whose dream is it ? Every day or every week that goes by is a day or a week that is gone forever and that will never come back. Are you making the best of each day, of every week? You are blessed to see a new week, will you be building your own dreams or will you be hired to build someone’s dreams? read more

Commit to Positive thinking!

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Very often I hear people say : “I believe that I can do this or I believe that this is going to happen”. It sounds positive isn’t but is it clear enough for your subconscious to capture it ? Is it strong enough to have it embedded in your mind? Is it powerful enough to activate your faith ?
How about ” I know that I can do this or I know that this is going to happen”? read more

Is low self-esteem keeping from living the life you deserve?

Self-esteem quote

We can all agree that self-esteem is a critical ingredient in any balanced life. People with a high self-esteem generally look and feel happier.  One can almost immediately feel how much they love living just by talking to them.  But on the other side of the coin, you also get those who critically lack of it.  It can be the result of past traumatic event in their life or other circumstances, but generally translates into negative or self-destructive behavior – negligence of one’s physical body, alcohol and/or drug abuse, reckless behaviour. read more

How to keep your motivation alive

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How do I keep my motivation alive?

That’s one of the questions I get asked the most. Motivation is to a human being what fuel is to a car; you have to keep your eye on the gauge and make sure to refill whenever it starts running low.  A full tank of motivation will go a certain distance depending what type of car you are, to continue with the analogy. read more

Motivational Monday: Begin the day with gratitude

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In today’s motivational quote we discuss the importance of starting your day well.

Generally speaking, everything in life follows a three-stage cycle: The beginning, the middle/peak and the end. The beginning is the catalytic moment; this is where life is breathed into the cycle and it is also the impulse that will give it its momentum. The middle is the development or maturity phase. That’s when the cycle reaches its highest point. Finally, the end is the necessary transformation phase, from which another cycle will be born. read more

Until I win – Motivational video

For today’s motivational Monday enjoy this video adapted from Les Brown’s famous speech “It’s not over until I win”. Remember that life is not meant to be without obstacles. Whenever it knocks you down, play this motivational video to remind yourself that there are many more rounds to come and your winning one WILL eventually come. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, remember the reason why you’re pursuing that dream and keep yourself motivated. You will win! read more

Your choices determine your destiny

You are the only one who knows what you really want. It starts from within. Where do you see yourself in a few years time?  How do you picture your future? What type of things would you like to see in your life? What aspects of your life would you like to improve? What aspects of your multidimensional life would you like to improve? This is part of your personal development. read more