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Embrace the challenges in your life

Challenges too have a role to play in your life.

Nothing in life happens at random. And the challenges that we experience in our daily lives are no exceptions to the rule. What we see in a challenge and how we experience it is what determines the impact it is going to have on us.  Look at challenges as an opportunity to grow; a chance to continue to expand your boundaries and in the process, discover a potential that you had forgotten existed in you. If you look at challenges that way, you will embrace every single one that comes your way and emerge out of it stronger, better, improved. You will seek challenges, which means constantly step out of your comfort zone. And as you do so, you will experience exponential embrace your challenges read more

Sail against the wind

Do you know the expression : ” Sail against the wind ?”.  I was sitting outside yesterday and I closed my eyes. I felt the cold wind of winter touch my skin. It was a curious sensation. I was warmly dressed so it was cold but agreeable at the same time. I then had an epiphany : It seems natural to follow the way the wind blows because you do not need to face too much challenge. The wind seems blowing in your favour. read more

Publish a Book and Grow Rich Bootcamp

I have spent 3 amazing days at the Publish a Book and Grow Rich Bootcamp #publishabook. Brian Nieves,very eloquently and with a zest of humour guided us through the very interesting and sophisticated program elaborated by the one and only Gerry Robert who had the kindness to Skype with the whole class yesterday in between 2 flights. Imagine the level of dedication. read more

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