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9 great exercises to build a strong mind

9 great exercises to build a strong mind

Your mind is like a muscle, the more often you exercise it the stronger it gets; the least you do so, the weaker it becomes.
Often people wonder why things like visualization or meditation don’t work, and yet they’ve only tried them a couple of times. Those of you who work out will know that a few gym sessions won’t give you that six pack or those massive biceps, nor will they give you that ultimate fitness that you dream about. The same goes for the mind. You need to draw up  what i call a mind workout plan and consistantly practice the exercises in your mind workout plan in order to see noticeable results. I’ve put together for you a list of what i consider the 10 most effective exercises to include in your mind workout plan: read more

A Valentine’s day love message

For this Valentine’s week we thought of doing something special for our dear brothers and sisters out there. This message is dedicated to all of you as an expression of our sincere love for all of you and as a reminder to you that regardless of your current circumstances and no matter what you’re going through, your very nature makes you an incredibly awesome being. read more

Consciously choose positivity

Consciously choose positivity.

Positivity is the fact of staying positive even when you find a really good reason to be negative.

Barbara Frederickson in her book Positivity defines it as that element that finds its foundation in emotional drivers such as joy, gratitude, interest, serenity, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and love. Experience those emotions and bring about positivity in your life. read more

On fear of failure

The fear of failure, of all the negative thoughts that stop us from taking action, is probably the worst.

Here’s a few reasons why you should stay away from it and fight it at all costs:

Fear of failure

 You need to take action, your success depends on it!

In a previous essay I have explained the importance of taking actions in order to succeed. You can spend days reading all the great personal development posts on this blog, but they’ll only be of valuable use to those of you who will take action.  Fear of failure precisely prevents you from doing that.  Turn the negative  “what if’s” in your head into positive ones. read more