December 2014 archive

How it all began for me

I have been influenced by many inspirational speakers and authors such as Zig Ziglar, Chris Gardner, and Jack Canfield. Eva and Les Brown
I have also been influenced by Rhonda Byrne, I read many of her books such as the Secret, Magic & the Power.
The turning point in my life was when I attended the National achievers congress 2014 and heard and was in the presence of so many inspirational speakers: Paul Naidoo, Robin Banks, J T Foxx, Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, etc.
Something changed in me and I decided to look deeper into myself. That’s when my husband and I decided to enroll for Les Brown’s 3-day seminar and that was a milestone in my life. That seminar that took place in November 2014 was mind blowing and a life changing experience.
I always wanted to push myself to the limit and make things happen. I am always listening to people and procuring good advice. But I never contemplated the idea of going further than that. I always wanted to write and I started writing things and then left it unfinished.
I have now decided to act and like Roosevelt T said: read more