Your Story Matters to Harriet Khataba

Harriet Khataba

Your Story Matters to Harriet Khataba, a beautiful Kenyan woman, an inspiring, empowering Change Advocate, an Editor of Her Story magazine, a Business and Leadership Coach and so much more. I had the privilege and the pleasure to e-meet her through her Facebook page Her Story Matters. Our first conversation on Skype lasted more than 3 hours ! Her enthusiasm regarding empowerment, young leaders, women, equality, and the list goes on, bubbles over…She has a lot to share. At first look you would not imagine that Harriet went through a traumatic experience that could have cost her life and yet, she did. She overcame a very dark moment in her life and is here today to testify that whatever your story is, whatever you may have gone through, YOU can find SUCCESS. She agreed to share her inspiring and motivating story. Buckle up as this is going to make you jump off your skin and inspire you to unleash your potential. Your Story Matters to Harriet Khataba. Her Story Matters.

Eva ARISSANI : Harriet, you are the founder and chief operator of the Her Story Matters organization, an advocate for change, a contributor in radio and television programs, a keynote speaker, a business coach, a minister and the list goes on… please tell us more about your multifaceted career.

I like to see myself as an advocate for change and a pioneer, everything else really flows from that. I run Her Story Matters an organization that promotes equality, highlights social injustice, gives women a voice, supports communities to build a safe society for women and children, a society free from violence and social injustice and that ensures every child has access to education. We are also working towards helping communities achieve economic sustainability. I am the chief editor of Her story mag which features amazing women and supports women entrepreneurs and leaders and also gives young writers an opportunity to contribute  in the magazine.

I also coach young leaders in business and areas of leadership under Harriet khataba ltd as well as  writers and I contribute to different magazines. Under Harriet Khataba ministry I equip the saints for ministry and their mandate / call. I have also very recently been appointed as the General overseer, this being an Alliance that supports, equips, empowers, mentors and covers Apostolically Global leaders and emerging leaders in ministry.

I am a speaker at various events and use media to really have that impact and broadcast what we do. I like to think of myself as a creative individual that has many outlets, I love being challenged to do new things because this is how i grow an tap into untapped potential that I have.

Eva Arissani : What is the defining moment in your life that led you to this day?

When I look back in my life I have had very many defining moments that have got me where i am, I believe in life it’s the many small moments that lead to the big moments.

For me as i reflect back i can think of two :

One of the moments was coming to London, I believe I got opportunities  because I came to United Kingdom. I have been able to explore different things including starting several businesses which was a dream since I was little.

The other defining moment was when i went through rape, i grew up very sheltered, I had older siblings so i was always protected from the crazy world,  grew up in Kenya in a trusted community where people meant what they said and said what they meant. It was a very simple way of living so when I came to England my expectations were the same. I was very naive. I remember when I went through the rape ordeal i called a friend for support but she asked if I was sure that I was raped like you need to be sure about that!  That baffled me and influenced me not reporting it, especially because at that time rape victims went through rigorous questioning and scrutiny to prove it happened to them. She was the support I was relying on to walk this path with me.

What I realized later was that very ordeal robbed me off my voice, any form of violence takes the victims voice weather they realize it then or not.

In months and years to come I was very depressed to the point that I wanted to commit suicide, I had given up, I was drowning in thoughts that were not mine, living a life that I didn’t recognize and not able to voice this.

The day I decided to kill myself, I decided to write a letter to my mum to say goodbye and as i was about to, I remembered her strength and resilience and realized that what she faced was tougher than what I was facing and that if she could do it so could I my mom raised 6 children on her own something that was tough but she did it and a very good job too!

At that moment a thought came to my mind, that there must be many people going through social injustice who have no one to talk to and that’s how Her Story Matters came about, to give a voice, a platform to others because I knew how it felt, and women need to know that we believe in them and support them

Eva Arissani : What has been your biggest challenge ?

My biggest challenge was being misunderstood , people just didn’t understand the concept of what we are doing and why we were doing it, that’s every pioneers challenge to break the hard ground and change people’s perception to what the society sees as normal.

Eva Arissani : You are so passionate about what you do. Your motivation is contagious. What keeps you going?

I believe God has given me this mandate, my hope is in Him. I believe in myself and convinced of my assignment here in earth. I was born to empower others, bring hope and influence change and don’t doubt it in anyway.

When you are aligned with your purpose and call, life has meaning. This keeps me going.

Eva Arissani : You are actively working as a mentor, an empowering coach, what is your purpose in life? How did you find your life purpose?

My main purpose I would say is empowerment, I empower people in different ways through different avenues. One of the avenues is  helping entrepreneurs, raise leaders, the other one is to help and influence change by raising awareness to mention a few things. I found my purpose in life by looking at my life and taking stock. I am multi talented and tend to master things really quick, which can be a distraction, so I had to really look deep inside of me and find out what the root was and how it manifested itself.

I actually have a workshop titled “ telling your story and finding your purpose”, often enough its right before us and we don’t see it.

My mother recently told me that she now understands me because when I was young she noticed young and old people were always drawn to me and would spend time with me. I would bring them to my mums house and cook for them and talk to them ( she would find the house full of friends )  she wondered how this was possible, she observed that I had leadership and influence as a young girl and the thing that amused her the most was I was very protective and defended my young sister even against boys much older than I. I was courageous and very bold and this was often misunderstood.

These were traits of someone who fights for others and had leadership traits,  it’s only when I started Her story matters  that the things she observed in me as a young girl  started to make sense.

We always have our purpose with us, it’s only when we really look into our lives that we recognize it. I help others recognize this in themselves.

Eva Arissani : What is your philosophy of life ?

Fear of the Lord Almighty is my philosophy everything else stems from it. Never compromise your values for anyone, if anything they will respect you for it, in time.

Eva Arissani : Any upcoming projects?

  1. We have women in leadership in Sept. 6th 2018 at NatWest 250 bishopsgate we have an amazing speaker lineup!
  1. We have a business initiative helping 100 women start and grow their business ( send an email to if you want to take part )
  1. We have unmasked projects in different universities dates to be confirmed
  1. We have our ministry events under my ministry a day of worship and intercession for nations in April 14th 2018 and 11th August in London at Kings Cross Baptist Church , 5 Vernon Rise, London, WC1X 9EP at ( 11am – 4pm )
  1. July 7th Supernatural encounter at London at Kings Cross Baptist Church , 5 Vernon Rise, London, WC1X 9EP at (11am – 4pm )
  1. I am currently the General overseer of KRGA INTERNATIONAL which is an international Alliance for Global leaders if interested for more info send us an email to we will also be having empowerment sessions and facebook lives the last saturday of every month ( tune in please and join in the conversation )

Eva Arissani : Any advice for the readers of

Engage with the platform it’s been created for you, make it work for you and let people know what you are doing, you have someone’s solution.

Eva Arissani : Your favorite quote?

Don’t take life too serious have fun laugh a lot and hold on to the things that count.

Eva Arissani : Thank you for your time, for this inspiring moment and for sharing your story dearest Harriet

I don’t know about you, but I have goosebumps. What a story, what a life, what an inspiring young lady! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to connect with women such as Harriet Khataba. I got to meet her through my friend and mentor Mireille Toulekima. Let me tell  you this, your network is your net worth and my network is getting richer and richer. Harriet’s story proves that Nothing is impossible. As long as you breathe, you have the power to turn your life around and tap into what happened to you to become a greater version of YOU. Change your story to work for you. Your Story Matters to to Harriet Khataba.

Like this article, share this story as someone somewhere needs to read this. Someone somewhere might be thinking of putting an end to his/her life. You might have the power to give hope to someone else. Feel free to share your own story. We would love to hear from you.

Stay blessed and remember : Your Story Matters to to Harriet Khataba. Your Story Matters to us.

Eva Arissani, Published author of New Moi New Life : Five Ways to Build a New You and Live an Extraordinary Life, Inspirational/ Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Founder of runner up as best religious/spiritual blog in 2015, French/English/French Sworn Translator, French Voice over artist, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador to South Africa of Mireille Toulekima Global

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