Education is key to a life of possibilities


Education is key to a life of possibilities. “It seems that success is not acquired by doing what we want but by doing the tasks necessary to make it happen.”- J .Allen & D. Donaldson. Success is the result of more than one tasks accomplished during one’s life. I believe that getting an education is one of the most important tasks each and every single one of us should tackle. ” Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela. Education is key to a life of possibilities and living a positive life is another task that one needs to accomplish.

Depriving yourself of an education means depriving yourself of an opportunity to live a life full of possibilities. It is paving the way to poverty. Poverty is not just a material or physical state, it is also a mental state which can only lead to despair and social inequalities.

Education to me, is much more than the simple fact of going to school, high school or university, it is the best way to build a future and start a process of critical thinking. I do not believe that school is the essential factor to a successful life. I believe that school contributes to making each educated person an intellectual, a critical thinker, a businessman/ businesswoman and a conscious citizen who plays a positive role in the society or the world at large. Education starts at school but does not stop at university.

Every day of our life, we keep on learning something new in every area of our multidimensional lives. I strongly believe that in a fast growing economy, one needs to adapt to change and the best way to face changes is to learn to be adaptable. My husband very often says something I believe is very true, namely that, everyone has the ability to learn and adapt. It is not something we buy or get from someone else. It is an innate ability. Unless you strongly believe the opposite and hence create a powerful limiting belief about your learning capacities, everybody should be able to learn.

Jeopardizing education in a country through strikes means destabilizing the economy of the country in the long run. The fact that universities in various countries over the world are hit by endless protests can have dire consequences on the education system of a country. Who would that benefit to? Certainly not to the children or students from poor backgrounds. Well, they could benefit from short-term benefits such as one of the positive results of the South African Fees Must Fall protest that saw the cancellation of the university fees increase in various South African Universities in 2016, but let’s go further and think about 2017.  What will happen in 2017 when universities announce the usual annual increase, will the President step up again? Why can’t we find long lasting solutions and have pacific, rich and informative exchanges through specialized platforms run by experts, especially set up to deal with those kind of important issues?

Students are the future a country, they need to build up their life on a strong foundation, based on the right values. This could be achieved through multiple pacific channels under a good mentorship and supervision. This can apply in any society where there is strong and conscious leadership.

Keep on educating yourself, the day you stop educating yourself will be the day you will start limiting your possibilities to a better life and it will be the day you will start falling behind.

That’s the reason why I love training people and I love learning new things.

Knowledge is the new currency in our fast developing economy and if one wants to keep up with the ever-changing societies we live in, one needs to adapt and have “stickability”. Education is key to a life of possibilities. Keep on educating yourself. Give yourself a chance to face change and adapt to it. Education is key to a life of possibilities.

I pray that we may find long-lasting solutions to the protests that hit universities not only in South Africa but all around the world. Together we are stronger.

Positively Yours,

Eva Arissani, Author of New Moi New Life : Five ways to build a new you an live an extraordinary life, Business/Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, Sworn Translator, Facilitator, Founder of runner up at 2015 SA Blog Awards as best South African spiritual or religious blog

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